Roof Flashing Penetrations

Installing waterproofing sheets on the roof for building a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน by general form It can be adapted to various building styles or materials. The span length given is the minimum length. In case of higher temperature, the distance may be increased as appropriate. You can consult the manufacturer of the sealant.

The barrier is made of masonry or concrete.

  • Steel groove embedded in concrete when pouring.
  • The drug is covered with waterproof sealant over the vinyl rubber line inside again.
  • Fold up at least 2″ (51).
  • The top seal is inserted into the steel groove for the concrete wall. or inserted into the masonry wall
  • Gradient leak protection. It must overlap the vertical seal at least 4″ (100).
  • The floor seal must be approximately 8″ to 12″ (205 to 305) above the expected maximum water level.

wooden frame protection panel

  • Exterior wall cladding material.
  • Steel plate to support the leak-proof plate on the Insert at least 2″ (51) behind the wall covering material.
  • Top seal or gradient seal.
  • At least 4″ (100) span
  • The folding floor seal is approximately 8″ to 12″ (205 to 305) above the expected maximum water level.
  • Angle bar
  • waterproof sheet

low barrier

  • Not more than ½”(13)
  • Stone or concrete slab covering the lintel.
  • Steel plate to support the leak-proof plate on the
  • Sealing plate on
  • at least 4″ (25) overlap distance
  • Floor seals must be higher than the water level.
  • Expected maximum is about 8″ to 12″ (205 to 305).

Anti-fall metal plates and eaves

  • The gravel drop guard must be high enough to prevent rocks or gravel from falling off the roof.
  • waterproofing
  • Floor waterproofing sheet covering the dam.
  • appropriate height
  • Longitudinal anti-fall stone retaining plate.

metal lintel

  • Spring plate
  • Cover fixing plates are lengthened throughout.
  • Metal wall covering
  • The steel plate is attached to the anchor bolt.
  • Anchor bolt
  • Aluminum lintel cover.
  • ¾”(19)

Metal plates to prevent pebbles from falling along the line.

  • 4″(100)
  • Wood for hammering nails.
  • Fixing plates to prevent pebbles from falling.

Concealed roof ridge protection sheet

  • Alternating lines covering the roof ridge.
  • At least 4″ (100)
  • Distance over the sealant 4″ (100)

Exposed roof ridge protection sheet

  • At least 4″ (100)
  • The seal is attached to the chicken breasts with screws and rubber washers.

Ventilated roof ridge cover

  • Ventilated metal roof ridge cover with wind/rain cover.

The roof is flat against the sloping roof.

  • At least 4″ (100)
  • waterproof sheet
  • The top seal is attached to the stretch plate.
  • roofing sheet

The roof is flat against the sloping roof.

  • At least 4″ (100)
  • The sealing plates are fixed all the time.
  • Metal roofing sheets.

open hammock

  • 1″(25) folded pleat
  • Fold the edges ½” (13) at least 5″ (125).
  • At least 7″ (180) along the slope for 6:12 or greater sloping shingles, and at least 10″ (255) for 6:12 or more slopes.
  • and at least 11″ (280) for shingles or other small roofing sheets.
  • The roof shingles and slats protrude 1″ to 1½” (25 to 38) to allow dripping: use a metal underlayment under the last roof sheet to fold down inside the rain gutters to prevent backlash rain. back in (in case of rain gutters)

roof to wall

  • At least 6″ (150)
  • At least 4″ (100) span
  • At least 4″ (100)


  • For cold and windy areas. There should be a eaves seal.

Flashing Roof Penetrations

Sealant around the chimney by the house building company รับสร้างบ้าน It will be calculated and analyzed every time in construction. The details that must be taken into account are as follows.

  • protrudes at least 4″(100)
  • Cricket is the same material as a sealant that should be fitted with one or two pieces.

with solder welding The function of cricket is Divert rainwater from flowing into the chimney.

  • Floor seals must be inserted into the wall. and into the roof at least 4″ (100) with a minimum span of 3″ (75) and the bottom sealant should be ½” (13) away from the edge of the roof sheet.
  • The top seal must overlap at least 4″ (100) with the floor seal and be inserted 4″ (100) into the wall with at least 3″ (75) spanning between the panels.
  • Flat sheet metal folds to drip ¾” (19)
  • Waterproofing sheet at the roof ridge.
  • Folding sheet metal steps. For a chimney made of large stones
  • Attach the floor seal under the frame of the glass cover on the roof.
  • At least 4″(100)

waterproofing sheet around the wall

  • Poke distance of the sheet 2″(51)
  • Overhang 2″(51)
  • At least 4″(100)
  • At least 4″ (100)
  • At least 2″ (51)
  • Attach the floor sealant to the wall at least 4″ (100) and into the roof at least 2″ (51).
  • The sealant should not be aligned with the edge of the roof sheet.
  • The outer wall panel acts as a top seal.

tall pillar

  • Sealant
  • rubber band
  • Metal cover
  • At least 8″ (205)
  • At least 4″ (100)

Sealant around the pipe

  • Connect the gasket wings up 4″ (100), down 8″ (205) and around the pipe 6″ (150).
  • roof sheet over the wings, waterproofing sheet
  • The waterproofing sheet wings are placed over the roof sheet.

ventilation pipe

  • At least 2″(51) spanning distance.
  • Solder welding.
  • At least 4″ (100)
  • make a dam
  • 6″(150)
  • At least 12″ (305)

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