Recliner Sofas: Adds A Whole New Dimension To Your Living Room

When you are at the end of your workday, all you will be looking forward to is, sinking into a comfortable sofa and having a refreshing cup of beverage. The sofa is that place where people generally rest immediately after coming home. But why choose an ordinary sofa when the recliner sofa offers you the choice to relax by lying back fully. It provides maximum comfort, great features, and is multi-functional.

Additionally, it occupies limited space and comes in many styles and designs like your regular sofa. If you follow the latest trends in furniture, you will know its popularity and the great reviews on popular websites like Wakefit. But you can’t buy just about any recliner and need to check if it suits your needs. The wrong chair is not only a dead investment but can also cause health issues. So here’s a quick guide on how to purchase it.

Manual or Automatic

  • Manual

The recliner sofas can come in manual or automatic options. The recliners that use manual mechanisms use the weight of the person using the sofa to enable it to recline backwards or come back into the original position. The major advantage of this option is that there is no need for electricity to power it and a small amount of physical effort is enough to operate it.

  • Automatic

These are systems that use electronic controls to operate the recliner. With the push of a button, the recliner can be operated. These controls are conveniently placed or can be embedded in a special unit that can be stowed away. Most automatic recliners can also be operated manually.

Recliner Styles

There are many styles of recliner sofa online, but the most popular ones are:

  • Rocker recliners: As the name suggests, it is a recliner that rocks back and forth. It can be powered automatically or manually.
  • Massage recliners: These fancy sofas massage your neck and back and are the most popular choice.
  • Wall hugger recliners are best suited for smaller rooms as they occupy less space.
  • The glider recliners: These can be used to recline at many angles and can be close to the walls. It is perfect for a smaller living room and is ideal for those who like to lie down on the recliner and read or watch TV.


One of the important things to consider when buying furniture is to figure out the space where you intend to place it. Since this is a recliner, unlike the ordinary sofa, you should allow its space to be fully reclined. If you are using it in a small living room, you should creatively use the available place. Also, it should integrate with the existing furniture to fit into the decor. If the space is limited, opt for a forward-moving chair placed against the walls or a single recliner, if you can’t fit in a larger sofa.

When it comes to styles, there is no dearth of options; it comes in traditional, contemporary, and chic designs. It also comes in one, two, or three-seater configurations. So choose based on available space.


Recliner sofas come in leather, leatherette, or fabric. The choice should be based on the usage, but one should ensure that it is of high quality. Invest in a durable and thick material as it undergoes a lot of wear and tear compared to regular sofas.

  • Leather recliner sofas are durable and look classy, and are good for those who have kids or pets. But it is an expensive option.
  • Leatherette recliners are the perfect choice for those who want quality and budget-friendly options. These also look classy and are an environment-friendly choice.
  • Fabric recliners are also a fuss-free choice, but it tends to get dirty easily. So look for choices where there is less maintenance.

Other Things to Look For

  • Padding: The entire recliner frame should be padded so that it is comfortable. The material should be tailored properly so that the seams are in place and not shabby to look at. The seat cushions should be resilient and firm so that they last long. It should be snugly fit, and the cushions should regain their position when pushed down.
  • Check the mechanism: Whether you buy a single seater recliner sofa or a three-seater, check the operating mechanism repeatedly to determine if it works smoothly. Recliners are priced higher than regular sofas, so make it the money’s worth by checking for any technical glitches.
  • Determine the kind of hardware used to make the sofa. Check if heavy-duty screws are used to hold the frame together to make it durable. Also, determine the wood used to build the frame so that you will have an idea about the maintenance required.

Recliner chairs for the living room come in many styles, materials, and sizes, and one can get overwhelmed by the choices when it comes to purchasing them. Consider the above things when buying it and you are sure to make a good choice.

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