Reasons why recruiters must utilise recruitment software in 2021

Recruitment software in 2021 is a requisite part of recruiting. Today in modern recruiting, the challenges and needs of a staffing agency have evolved from the state it was in a few years ago. A robust recruitment CRM software also shows the agency’s technological capabilities.

Hiring has become more of a challenge in the last year due to the global pandemic. Now, more than ever, recruiters need all the support they can get. It has become crucial to employ techniques and implement strategies that can boost one’s work.

So, if you are a recruiter who wants to be efficient and experience a boost in productivity then yes, you do need to use recruitment software today.

Recruitment is becoming more specialized with so many new roles created by new technology. Businesses across the globe are using new types of recruitment, such as talent acquisition consulting services. Using recruitment software helps advanced recruitment solutions like this and will also become an integral role in more traditional recruitment services beyond 2021.

Staffing agencies and the need for recruitment CRM

The virus outbreak is not stopping at present. But work must continue, and we must adapt to the changing circumstances. One of the biggest things to be unveiled from this global wave of disease and the resulting economic instability was the value of good technology in business.

Recruitment agencies understood how crucial it was to not only use recruitment CRM software but partner with one that fully understands the agency’s vision as well as the ordeals they encounter.

Increase in applications

Initially, the pandemic resulted in a huge number of redundancies which massively increased the number of job seekers in the market. This complicated recruiters’ job even further. Because, correspondingly, the number of jobs advertised was extremely low. This imbalance was taxing for recruiters. They suddenly had to deal with a major influx of applications.

Remote recruiting

Previously, remote recruiting was not as prevalent as it is now. At the beginning of the pandemic, recruiters were working from home and trying to tackle their work and responsibilities from their home offices. It was a completely new set-up for a majority of people.

Communication and collaboration

Uprooting work from offices to homes was chaotic. Many agencies found themselves unprepared to manage the transition successfully. Those that did were already using powerful recruitment software that facilitated this switch. Without the right software, communication and collaboration were the first to undergo a crisis.

Recruitment software in 2021

The past year has shown what kind of CRM software features the staffing agencies found valuable for unprecedented circumstances.

  • Cloud-based

This proved to be a mandatory feature in recruitment database software. When work had to be carried on from home, but recruiters still needed their sophisticated tools, a cloud-based software solution enabled them to continue as before. It helps ensure that teams can collaborate efficiently on their projects.

  • Software integrations

Remote recruiting proved how important different software solutions were. Video calling software was needed for digital interviews. Skill testing software was required for online skills assessment tests. Thus, it only goes to show that agencies must use recruitment CRM that can integrate smoothly with all such important systems.

  • Online pay and bill

Temps recruiters have been using temporary agency recruitment software for a long time now. And the importance of the online pay and bill system was felt deeply. Many companies hired temps workers and so this system was very valuable and highly appreciated.

  • Compliance checks

Comprehensive compliance checks are a compulsory part of recruiting. A recruitment software system that helps recruiters accomplish this time-consuming and complex but extremely important work is necessary. Using this software helps recruiters avoid mistakes and avoid having to pay hefty fines which can potentially be damaging to business.

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