Reasons for Identity Verification at Canadian Online Casinos

Identity verification is an important step required by sites for varying reasons, including registration and making withdrawals. This is to ensure private information is accurate and secured. Players are required to supply a valid ID to be able to use the site’s features completely.

Identity Verification in Online Poker

To illustrate, let’s say you’re a part of an online poker community and you’re trying to withdraw your winnings for the first time. The online poker site will request that you validate your account. It’s a one-time process that will require one of the following:

  •       Driver’s license
  •       Proof of residence
  •       Passport
  •       Electric bill
  •       Credit card bill
  •       Bank statement
  •       Others, depending on the site

The site will verify if the documents you provided are up to date and genuine. Once your account is verified, cashing out will be easy. One website that does, where you can find no deposit bonus casino canada and win real money. Continue reading to find out why reliable online casinos do this.

5 Reasons Identity Is Verified for Online Casino Games

Conrad A. Brennan, an online casino expert, has listed five reasons identity verification is essential for online gambling. You can learn more about him here.

1.   Preventing Credit Card Fraud

In Canada, 56% of online payments are done through credit cards, and around 6,300 were reported to be stolen in 2019. In online gambling, credit card fraud is rampant. The thieves steal players’ credit card information to pay for other online purchases and fund fake accounts.

Casino sites use identity verification processes to protect their users, such as sending email and phone number codes to ensure that the account holder prompts the payment transaction. IP address analysis is also done to counter-check the card’s location with the user to ensure that it’s not stolen.

2.   Verifying the Player’s Age

Since venturing in online casinos is a high-risk activity, countries have laws on the legal age allowed for online gambling. This is to be sure that players can meet the responsibilities accompanying gambling, such as paying dues.

In Canada, the legal age for online gambling is 18 years old and above. To follow laws and regulations and avoid a ban, online casinos verify the age of those who register to play.

3.   Restricting Multiple Accounts

Thieves use multiple accounts to abuse bonuses and other free features upon registration. Several accounts are made to manipulate the outcome of the game. For instance, players may make it seem that they are playing with opponents, but in reality, the accounts playing against each other are operated by the same user. As a result, casino sites may generate little to no income.

This is why online casinos are strict with registration processes. When you create an account, you’re required to submit real and accurate personal information. You can’t do this many times since the data will be verified with matching names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Trying to trick casino site operators will get you banned.

4.   Avoiding Friendly Fraud

Real account holders are the culprit of friendly fraud; this is done when the user contacts their credit card bank holders to deny making a transaction on the site. Most of the time, the bank will give back the money without further investigation. Friendly fraud costs online casinos a fortune. Casino users can cash out the winnings, but casinos end up not getting the initial payment.

These thieves will most likely repeat what they have done, so online casinos put their name in the company’s customer data server. If they try to register again, they will be identified immediately.

5.   Stopping Money Laundering

Money launderers use online casinos to hide their illegal money from authorities. The lack of regulation in casino sites enables launderers to deposit large amounts of money without being reported to the government regulatory agency. An example of a money-laundering scheme is graft and corruption among country officials.

Online casinos, English or not, practice Know Your Customer (KYC), including Politically Exposed Person (PEP) checks related to public personalities – such as ambassadors and other high-ranking government officials. With this, they can track down any suspicious deposits that will be reported to authorities. If casino sites tolerate any form of money laundering schemes, they’ll be banned from the country, and their license will be revoked.


Identity verification is important to keep online casinos a safe space from criminals. Customers and sites should practice honesty with each other to have a healthy gambling community.

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