Quintrex 481 Cruiseabout Fully Optioned By Brisbane Yamaha

A cruiseabout is a boat for the family members, that has plenty of space for relaxation, including a big and lavish front lounge and the new Rear Folding Lounge. The Quintrex 481 Cruiseabout is sleeker and loaded with more attributes than ever before, especially with modern plate look sides.

The all-new 481 Cruiseabout is the ideal entry-level boat for family bonding! Choose a Boat Bundle that meets your needs and get out on the water today for hours of tubing, skiing, lounging, or catching fish!

More Information About Quintrex 481 Cruiseabout

The 481 Cruiseabout is the smallest model in the Quintrex Bowrider line, but it is equipped with impeccable functionalities, including a bimini and envelope, a seal timber floor, a transom door, and a 360 degree access128lt underfloor fuel tank. Mercury outboard motors have a satisfying warranty and excellent fuel efficiency, throttle response, and ability to handle. 

The Quintrex 481 Cruiseabout is distinguished by small details such as skipper seats, a new rear folding lounge, and smooth side sheets finished in paint. A cost-effective and perfect way to begin residing the Bowrider dream of water sports in maximum comfort.

Quintrex’s inclusive Cruiseabout Bowrider lineup will provide you with the unforgettable vacations you’ve always desired.

Sit back, unwind, and enjoy the journey with the Cruiseabout range’s added convenience qualities; you’ll enjoy the concept of the smoothest, wettest alloy boat in the industry. The Cruiseabout range helps to keep the entire family happy with extra storage to satisfy every need.

The Features of Quintrex 481

The ultimate Quintrex 481 Cruiseabout by Brisbane Yamaha comes with the brilliant features such as:

  • 6.33m long with a 2.45m beam
  • 128 litre capacity underfloor fuel tank
  • Rated up to 200 Horsepower
  • Massive amount of storage space for esky’s, fishing gear, and safety equipment
  • Centre console-setup means unobstructed fishing space
  • Made from 3mm topsides and 5mm bottom sides aluminium sheets
  • Innovative Apex hull design gives an excellent ride and stability
  • Great anchor well
  • Large live bait tank

Furthermore, the 481 has the Quintrex Blade hull with a curved bow, which makes this Bowrider not only convenient and dry all whilst underway, but also sturdy at rest, which you will appreciate once you have all 5 people aboard. With an optimum horsepower rating of 200, this concept offers a lot of bang for your buck.

The molded anchor well, a rear-folding ladder, an attachable kit with landing lights, white light, and bilge, and a 70lt underfloor fuel tank are all standard equipment.

Final Thoughts

An appealing and dependable boat is a must for all water sports lovers. . Fishermen, watersports enthusiasts, and anyone looking to sail and unwind somewhere off the beach will appreciate the worth of having a Quintrex 481.

Seasoned boaters know where to look when purchasing a boat. However, this is particularly not the case with the newbies. It is time to reach out to Brisbane Yamaha daily deals with the hundreds as well as performance-driven boats at reasonable rates.

No matter whether you need the best deals on Yamaha outboards or looking for other models like Quintrex, then Brisbane is the only destination for you.

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