Professional Industry Seminars Are Not Dead

Hobart Has Perfect Facilities for a World-Class Business Trip

Though people are doing more things online than ever before, there is still great value to be had in the in-person professional seminar. They allow for networking between many companies in the industry and can help for business connections, as well as improve the retention of information that is presented, and they encourage interactions between people within the industry. They are key to professional growth, and there is a lot of valuable information shared during presentations and during the downtime between sessions.

A business trip that takes you to the top seminars in your industry requires a hotel with meeting rooms and conference spaces that are large enough for all attendees. The Wrest Point Hobart Hotel has large spaces that can fit all of your seminar needs. There are Meeting Rooms that allow for small groups and seating areas of up to 1,000 in a theatre seating arrangement. Many seating options are available, and many different arrangements can be created, including theatre seating, classroom seating, round tables, or cocktail arrangement without seats.

Each event venue is fully wired with high-quality audio and video equipment as well as free wi-fi. They are created to allow for easy exchange of information and to ensure the audience can hear and understand every moment. To fill the downtime, there are several restaurants ensuring each person can find something no matter their diet, and bars, as well as live entertainment and activities.

With accommodations for everyone, attendees can participate in any of the local activities, including water sports, hiking, visiting the casino, walking the gardens, and going into Hobart. There are nearly endless activities that allow for relaxation or further networking.

Covid 19 is Not Stopping Business in 2022

As Covid spread around the world, it affected businesses everywhere. As 2022 is settling in, there is a new approach, and the effects are no longer putting a halt on businesses as they previously did. Seminars, conferences, and networking events are all being scheduled and resuming. It is safe to hold these events with some remaining measures, including lower occupancy limits, increased cleaning, and other cleaning measures. Businesses are continuing to grow and expand to new areas and will be having on-site training, training weekends, and more.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, many things were placed on hold or moved to online, and several will be returning to in-person in 2022. Hobart is ready to host seminars and network events with venues that can seat up to one thousand attendees, quality audio-video equipment, and accommodations for those who travel to attend.

There are several restaurants and bars available to meet all the food needs and catering for events. As business returns to in-person meetings and presentations, there will be many opportunities to move your career or business forward through engaging and interacting with others and networking at in-person events. When needed, live streaming or recording can be completed and shared with those who are unable to attend in person.

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