Pirate themed slot games

What’s your favourite thing about slot games? For some people it is the chance of winning a huge jackpot, but our favourite thing is the amazing themes that the games are based around. There are so many themes to choose from so it is never a boring experience, but we are particularly fond of the pirate themed slot games – play Slotzo games.

Whether you’re already a fan of these or have never played them, you’re going to love this list – we are going to be taking a look at the top three pirate themed slots. We will be taking a look at:


        Book of Pirates

        8 Golden Skulls of Holly Roger


First, let’s look at one of the most recent pirate themed slots that stood out to us – Blackbeard! This game really stood out to us – it features tons of epic pirate symbols such as parrots and treasure chests, not to mention some truly epic gameplay. We’re talking free spins, a five-reel setup and 20 paylines. It’s a simple and sweet slot that never fails to provide us with the pirate experience we know and love. We highly recommend that you try it too!

Book of Pirates

If you thought Blackbeard sounded good, just wait until you hear about Book of Pirates! As you would expect from a pirate themed slot, this game has a ton of pirate concepts features in the graphics, but it’s a little different to Blackbeard. The highest paying symbols are the treasure map and a bomb, amongst others. However, it’s not just the theme that stands out here – if you hit it lucky then you could expect up to 25 free spins triggered from the wild symbols – this is significantly more than many slots out there! Argh me harties, now that sounds like some bootie!

8 Golden Skulls of Holly Roger

Last but not least, we thought we would end this list with a bang – 8 Golden Skulls of Holly Roger! If you’ve never heard of it, where on earth have you been? This pirate themed slot is very famous due to its unique features powered by Big Time Gaming’s Megaways! So, what should you expect in this epic pirate themed adventure? Well, some of the unique features include:

        A massive six-reel setup

        Dynamically changing reels

        Up to 117,649 ways to win

You heard that right, there are a whopping 117,649 ways to win if the dynamic reel system is maxed out. That is absolutely insane, and the amazing pirate themed graphics and music only add to the fun.

The Verdict

Overall, we would recommend all three of these pirate themed slots but let’s be honest, 8 Golden Skulls of Holly Roger certainly stands out as the best of the three! So, what are you waiting for? Hop on your ship and set sail towards some epic pirate themed slots, and don’t forget about this article when you find the buried treasure!

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