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India is famous for making world-class movies, and the most significant film industry of India is Bollywood. In the recent past, there was no entertainment industry to compete with Bollywood Hindi film. But for the last few years, the Tamil and Telegu film industry equally compete with Bollywood. All these industries have made big-budget films. Movie lovers of worldwide love to watch these types of movies. Going to the hall to enjoy a new release film is a tradition in India. But for the last few years, the Indian film industry has been faced a lot of problems due to the invention of different illegal movie leaking websites. Film-affiliate people think to release the film on a particular date, but many unlawful websites like pagalmovies spread that movie before the releasing date. For this film-affiliated people face financial loss; on the other hand, websites like pagalmovies gradually increase their worth.

Estimated Worth: is a prominent worth estimating site of different movie leaking websites. They have researched the worth of the illegal website based on a few categories like public traffic and ranking data. Illegal websites like pagalmovies also earn from advertisements. This notorious movie leaking website of India is already making a considerable revenue. The revenue of this website is US$20,880 annually, and almost 1.40 million people visit this website every year, where they visit nearly 7 million pages per year. Every day, people worldwide spend more than two minutes on this site and visit more than three pages daily.

How much popular pagalmovies is:

From the research of, pagalmovies has a global ranking of 432,252. Pagalmovies is not only famous in India, the movie lovers of worldwide visit this site daily hugely. Pagalmovies have become popular day by day. If you look at the last 90-day statistics, you may find that pagalmovies have upgraded its global ranking and reach 432,252nd position from 974,984.

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