Office Environment to Help Employee Retention

Are you having an issue with employee retention, and have you thought to look at your office
design? As surprising as it may sound, the design of the office has an impact on employee
retention and job satisfaction.

Research has shown that millennials are more likely to leave a job if the environment isn’t
right for them. The office design should be a representation of the business, and if this isn’t
keeping employees happy, it could be time to make a change.

Social Space

Providing social spaces such as breakout areas or relaxed areas with sofas and a soothing
atmosphere appeals to a vast variety of people.
A social space can be appreciated by those who want to communicate and use their time out
of the office which friends. However, if you’d appreciate a quieter break, the option to take
some time out on your own is possible.

Agile Working

Agile working is a popular way of working, and seems to have become the workplace
All generations are becoming interested in the ability to choose their own work style. Having
the autonomy to choose the environment is enough to bring a positive mood. In addition, a
happy mood + the right environment = higher productivity.


Not so much a design, but a mind set and vibe!
Positivity is severely underestimated and can make a big change to employees. Negativity
feeds off negativity so if a negative mindset it being put out there, you’ll be losing happiness,
productivity and the enjoyment of being in the office.
Even when things aren’t running as smooth as possible, positivity can still shine through as
you work toward the bigger picture.

Well Being

A large number of workplaces have implemented a wellness program, giving dedicated time
and support to employee wellbeing, both physically and mentally.
Having a safe space available provides a comfort blanket for those who need it, and can easily
seek extra support. Another way to bring well being into the office is by looking at fitness
areas, free healthy food choices and flexible working schedules.

Office Noise

Open plan offices leave the floorplan of the office completely open, often adopted by call
centres. The open plan design is easy to create, supports collaborative working and can be
successful in some spaces.

However, when taking on the agile way of working, it’s important to have varied environment
options available. Working in a loud space can make some work personalities thrive, but for
others is more of a distraction.

Dull intrusive office noise with acoustic office partitions and individual working pods
Offering quiet working zones & personal workspace is a way to tackle 2 different ways of

Making positive changes to the office and tailoring the space to work with the employees you
have is a starting point. With the hope of increased happiness and retaining employees for as
long as possible. However, there are other ways to boost employee retention that can be achieved through a global employment agency

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