NBA 2K22 MyCareer: Latest News

There has not been major adjustments made to NBA 2K22 MyCareer game mode, but some events and items are worthy of taking a look before we say farewell to Season 5. There is a lot of content we could enjoy including the 2XP: The Rec Event, Club 2K and Rival Day on both next-gen consoles and current-gen consoles. Before we dive into the topic, be sure to visit MTstacks for cheap 2K22 MT for sale. Here are different events you can enjoy in NBA 2K22MyCareer.

The Sour Patch Challenge is one of recent events in MyCareer, on both next-gen consoles and current-gen consoles, and we could have been playing in an event called Specialist Appreciation: Defenders, but it ended unexpectedly. Current-Gen players, please wipe away your tears, NBA 2K22 will launch a new Deck Party this week to make amends, it will start at 12:00 AM on April 23. For Next-gen users, you can earn 2XP in each match you play in the Rec.

Club 2K in The City is a great place to earn 2XP as well as new gears, so be prepared and don’t miss out the chance.

New clothing and shoes are also available in The City and Cancha Del Mar, the new KAWHI II shoes called New Money have been released inside and outside of the game, meaning you can wear them in real life and in the game as well. Based on the 3D scan of Kawhi Leonard’s handprint, the New Balance shoes are designed, these new clothing and shoes are available in  MyCAREER game mode on both current and next gen versions of NBA 2K22.

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