Motorcycle Helmets For Adults With Tiny Heads

Finding a motorcycle helmet that is properly sized for your head is a must. Wearing the right helmet ensures optimum comfort, but it also protects you during a crash. If your helmet is too big, it could fail to offer the right protection when you need it most.

For adult men with small heads, finding well-fitting XS motorcycle helmets is often challenging. This guide explains how you can find a safe, effective helmet, no matter your head size.

Motorcycle Helmet Sizes

Understanding the helmet sizing chart is the first step to finding your new helmet:

  • X Large – 02 to 24.41 inches
  • Large  –23 to 23.62 inches
  • Medium – 44 to 22.83 inches
  • Small – 65 to 22.05 inches
  • X Small  – 87 to 21.26 inches
  • XX Small – 20 to 20.5 inches

Helmet size also corresponds to hat size. For example, if your hat size falls between 6 5/8 and 6 3/4, you will most likely wear an X small motorcycle helmets.

If you don’t know your hat size, you’ll need to measure your head. Take a cloth tape measure and start just above your eyebrows. Then, wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your head in the back. The measurement you get can be compared to sizing charts when shopping for helmets.

Full Face vs Modular Helmets

Another important consideration is full face vs modular helmets. Full face helmets offer the highest level of protection because the entire helmet is constructed from one solid piece. Despite the added protection, full face helmets are also lightweight for maximum comfort. They even protect you from the elements when riding in windy or rainy weather.

Modular helmets feature a hinge, which allows the front of the helmet to open up. These helmets can be opened for a bit of fresh air while riding, which means modular helmets can be more comfortable for some riders. However, the hinge can create a weakness in the helmet, which may be an issue should a crash occur. Choosing a quality modular helmet ensures it has the right design specs to offer protection at all times.

Best Motorcycle Jackets for Smaller Men

Guys of a smaller stature may also have difficulty finding motorcycle jackets for men. Look for a slimmer fit so the jacket doesn’t overwhelm you frame. A slim fit will also prevent a bulky jacket from getting in the way while you’re on your bike. In this case, a fitted racer-style jacket is a great selection, as it conforms to the body nicely.

When it comes to sizing, go as small as you’re comfortable with. The jacket will stretch a bit during wear, so choosing a smaller size ensures it will continue to fit even after repeated use. Most importantly, make sure the sleeves are the right length. If you’re constantly pushing up your sleeves over your hands, try to go smaller.

No matter what accessories you’re in search of, take your time to find the right gear for your size and needs. Also, make sure you purchase gear from a quality supplier. Investing in quality helmets, jackets, boots, and other motorcycle accessories means you will get years and years of wear out of your items.

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