Mercedes Matzen: Where to Go When You Want to Do a Fun Run in New York

Runners unite! There are several fantastic possibilities to get together (vaccinated!) pals if you want to do something somewhat different in your routine! Race is a wonderful choice for individuals who like this type of activity and may truly unite people for a big cause. “Such races are meant not to compete. You’re not stressful and enjoyable! There’s a party theme for them many times!” According to Mercedes Matzen.

The races and fun runs do not have a time limit. “It’s not serious at all; there are paint and color runs, music and dancing, amusing outfits, and photos shot on occasion. Every year, a large number of individuals will return. This type of event guarantees that more people come back year after year to support the causes that gain so much from these events,” Mercedes Matzen says.

If a charity fun run doesn’t have enough participants, organizers might reach out to companies and corporations to arrange a fun workplace team building activity. Mercedes Matzen explains, “Most workers and bosses have so much fun engaging in a little competition and pleasant surroundings to promote good causes.”

Mercedes Matzen, a New York-based business analyst, enjoys enjoyable runs. “Every year, I participate in fun runs! When it’s time to run, I love gathering my pals together and then just having a blast!” Because of the excitement, many people would train with their friends in order to compete together. Mercedes Matzen adds, “Every fun run I get to compete in, I absolutely love.” “It’s not about how long it takes you to finish a fun run since no one cares, save a few expert runners who have missed the objective of a fun run.”

Depending on the age category, fitness level, and style of fun run, the duration and obstacles vary.

Fun runs are often short enough for novices to complete and lengthy enough for experienced runners to test their pace and time. Aside from the numerous forms of fun runs, the most frequent distance is a 3.1-mile race known as a “5K fun run.”

“Fun runs are supposed to be enjoyable! Don’t take yourself too seriously. There’s no need to be concerned about the finish line as long as you’re having a good time. “Most fun runs are organized so that everyone, regardless of fitness ability, may participate and have a good time,” Mercedes Matzen explains. If you’re thinking about participating in a fun run, bear in mind that most fun races are all about having a good time while raising money for a good cause. When competing in a race, it’s tempting to become competitive, but don’t fall into that trap. However, in order to have the most fun during a fun run, preparation is essential. “You’re better off not jogging at all if you’ve never run before and decide to run a 10K the next day.In fact, because you’re not as fit as you imagined, you could be harmed or burned out. Training may assist you in getting out on the right foot and progressing along the road. “At the very least, you should be doing some sort of continuous training in the 8 to 12 weeks leading up to the fun run,” Mercedes Matzen advises.

“Technical running clothing is necessary for competing in a classic 5K event, but it is not required for a fun run. In fact, I would advise you to wear clothes that you don’t mind becoming so dirty that you have to throw them away at the end. If you’re in it for the long haul, the gear may also be something you plan on utilizing only for color fun runs,” Mercedes Matzen explains. Remember that colorful powder will be flying in your face from all directions, so wear a bandana and sunglasses to protect your lips and eyes, especially if you have allergies.“Along with your clothes, prepare to destroy your running shoes with all the many colors thrown at you. You might dedicate a pair to fun runs that you exclusively use for such occasions, or you could buy an inexpensive pair that you won’t mind discarding at the conclusion of the race,” Mercedes Matzen adds.

At the end of the marathon, wait for a festival! This festival is a great method to maintain the joyful atmosphere and finish the entire event. The dynamic environment and cheerful music may make the participants even more friendly and entertaining. Take time at the end of the exciting race to rejoice at the color celebration.

In the New York region, there are several fantastic chances to take you to a running event. Gather your family and friends (vaccinated!) to enjoy a memorable fun run experience.

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