Mattress Hunting: Getting to Know 10 Common Types of Bed Mattresses

You’re probably here because it’s finally time for you to settle down in a house you can call home with your own family. Or maybe, it’s time to replace your bed mattress. Whatever reason you have, you are probably in the part where you search for different types of mattresses you can find online and in a physical store. Well, here are the ten (10) most common bed mattresses you can find:

Innerspring Mattress

Ah, yes, the traditional innerspring mattress gives that classic bounce and comfort. Innerspring mattresses are the commonly bought and used design. Many people consider the innerspring mattress as one of the best mattresses in the market. A metal wire system underneath the foams is used to have that classic bounce, support to the body, and comfort.

Memory Foam Mattress

If you are searching for a mattress that gives your body the right contour, the memory foam mattress is the one for you. Memory foam mattresses are known for their support to the body while lying down on them all night long. The materials used for this type of mattress are designed to use your body’s heat for the foam to adjust and contour the shape of your body.

Polyfoam Mattress

Polyfoam mattresses are known for their high compression and high density. The polyfoam mattress is also the most inexpensive foam because the quality of this material is low. This type of mattress is most commonly used as a surface in several mattress designs. When lying down on this mattress, the feels are comparable to a memory foam mattress, but it does not contour your body well like the memory foam.

Gel Mattress

Gel mattresses are known for reducing heat buildup. This type of mattress is marketed as a “cooling foam,” so you can expect a cooler sensation when lying down on it. Gel mattress is excellent at providing the body with the right support and pain relief. This mattress promotes proper spine alignment. However, a strong warning for people with severe back pain is raised. People who experience severe back pain may find this mattress uncomfortable.

Latex Mattress

For better support and surface, the latex mattress is often combined with springs underneath. The bed is very durable and ideal for those looking for a mattress that considers the alignment of your spine. Natural latex mattresses are known for not sagging as they are used for years. You can expect this type of mattress to last for at least two (2) to seven (7) years.

Hybrid Mattress

The hybrid mattress is made up of several types of mattresses combined. The most common “ingredients” added in this mix are some of the previously mentioned types of mattresses; latex, gel, memory foam, and an innerspring system for an additional bounce. Hybrid mattresses are considered a luxurious type of bed mattress since they have the right mix of support and comfort that many buyers enjoy and want.

Futon Mattress

If you want to save space in your home or extra mattresses for several unexpected guests now and then, futon mattresses are the ideal pick. This type of mattress is very easy to tuck away when they are not used. A recent modification of this traditional Japanese mattress allowed a functional twist; to make this a couch and bed simultaneously. The current change is perfect for customers who have a small floor area.

Adjustable Bed Mattress

Nowadays, standard versions of the adjustable bed mattresses are found in hospitals which helps patients who have problems moving their bodies. Some adjustable bed mattresses are remote-controlled, and some are manually adjusted. Some manufacturers added new features like a massaging feature that vibrates when activated to relax whoever uses it.

Pillow-Top Mattress

The name speaks for itself; pillow-top mattresses feature an extra soft surface foam mattress that gives maximum comfort to the user. Pillow-top mattresses have enhanced plushness on their surface, which customers describe as “sleeping on a cloud.” Like the hybrid mattress, pillow-top beds have several layers. Notable materials used on the layers of this type of mattress are wool, cotton, memory foam, fiberfill, and latex mattress.

Waterbed Mattress

The waterbed mattress is very flexible when it comes to adjustments concerning comfort and firmness. You can set the comfort level and firmness yourself by determining the amount of water you’ll pump inside it.

Remember to set the temperature of the water first by heating it. Adding heated water inside would increase the comfort and relaxation it brings. However, endure that the mattress is safe from any sharp objects or other things that might destroy it.


Now that you know ten (10) common bed mattresses, ensure that you make the right decision. It will help if you feel the pressure to find the most suitable bed mattress for you. Whatever reason you have for buying it, a bed mattress is meant to last for several years. It is, therefore, an investment so choose carefully and wisely.

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