Managing the recruiting desk better with recruitment software

Recruiters tend to be busy people. They tackle diverse tasks throughout any given day. Now with the help of recruitment software, it is finally easier for them to manage and accomplish tasks quicker. This, of course, has a direct impact on the quality of work they produce. Their busy and disorganised recruiting desk can be transformed into a streamlined and productive one with the use of recruitment CRM.

Your recruiting desk before and after using recruitment software

Recruiters who do not use a CRM platform mostly use a variety of ways to store their data. And tools like Excel and Word are likely to be used for all sorts of work. But when you are dealing with thousands of candidates, it is not feasible to continue depending only on Excel sheets as a way to record and store important information. Their communication is likely to be scattered, too, as emails and text messages from innumerable people are not easily found.

You will need a method that allows you to be more organised and work more efficiently. A recruitment software is a platform that presents all recruiters with technical support that makes day-to-day work easier. This kind of technology is extremely useful in introducing smarter ways of working. And so it drives up the productivity of all recruiters. It encourages recruiters to focus on networking which is an ongoing aspect of recruiting work.

 How does CRM software improve day-to-day recruiting?

  • It automates admin tasks

One of the most valuable features of recruitment CRM is its ability to automate tedious, time-consuming work. Because of the repetitive nature of most of these tasks, it has a great impact on the amount of time and energy that recruiters can conserve. And as these activities are crucial to the progress of the work, it benefits agencies and recruiters greatly when they can be confident that the work will be done while getting the

  • It organises communication

A clear and consistent flow of communication plays a big role in ensuring candidate engagement. Thus, a CRM’s help in streamlining communication improves the recruiting experience for both recruiter and candidate. The candidate is likely to feel their time is valued when they receive regular updates via email or text. This prevents them from feeling disengaged from the hiring process. It is helpful for recruiters who want to retain their best candidates and avoid them from being snapped up by competitors.

  • It improves talent sourcing

Social media is the first stop for recruiters when it comes to sourcing candidates. These days every individual has at least one social media account. So identifying passive as well as active candidates is very easy through these platforms. Thus, the recruitment software’s integration feature is practical and valuable. It allows recruiters to quickly store the selected candidate’s information into the software system. The interaction between recruiter and candidate can also be stored in the system which helps the recruiter connect with any candidate easily.

  • It affects team collaboration

Agencies who have been using recruitment software for quite some time now understand how significant this technology is in boosting team collaboration. And in the last year when remote working was a firm reality for everyone, recruitment CRM was very useful in helping maintain the same level of teamwork. Sharing data and documents is convenient through the software. It also means work doesn’t stop if a team member is sick or on holiday. The rest of the team can easily access their work if is urgent and continue where they left off.

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