Majestic Petals: The 5 Perfect Flowers for your Garden

In this pandemic where people are focused on staying at home and away from their friends, people rediscovered plants and the happiness it brings to a home. What else is there left to do when staying at home than tending to your garden?

The perfect addition to any garden are flowers. When we see flowers, it captures the imagination like no other. The sight of flowers takes us to a secret forest, a garden wedding, or a tropical destination. To bring beauty into your home, consider adding the five flowers mentioned below:

1.    Hellebores (Helleborus orientalis)

The flower can look delicate, but it’s a hardy plant. Hellebores have a spiral pattern to their blooms unique to other plants; it is a blend of yellow and purple with green in the center. Its leaves are green and glossy. Plants such as hellebores bloom through the spring to the mid or late winter. The plant is best placed in alkaline moist soils to grow as tall as 24 inches when fully mature.

Hellebores are used to prevent parasites from going near your other plant, so think carefully about where you want to place this. Shockingly, the plant was used in Rome as poison in arrows. But nowadays, despite the health concerns of intaking this flower, people still use it to stimulate menstruation and reduce cold symptoms.

2.    Azalea (Rhododendron)

The flowers are shaped like a funnel, a bit two-lipped and intensely fragrant. Azaleas have five projecting stamens. A variety of azaleas has blossoms that have narrow petals. Azalea’s leaves are soft, thin, and pointed. It has long, straight hairs parallel to the surface. Azaleas bloom during spring as well. The majestic shrubs tell you that spring is here.

When taking care of the plant, make sure that it’s adequately drained, use a mulch to replace fertilizer as it’s not needed. Azaleas require little maintenance, except when it’s a dry season, you’ll need to water them.

3.    Lantana (Lantana camara)

You’ll know a flower is a lantana when it’s tubular and has a  small shape. Each of the four petals is arranged in terminal areas of stems in clusters. It comes in a wide array of colors: including white, orange, blue, pink, yellow, red; the colors differ based on the location of inflorescences, maturity, and age.

This unique flower is hardy despite its appearance, and it can tolerate extreme drought. As such, water your lantanas once a week. It blooms during spring up until fall season. During winter, lantanas are annuals. But in the milder parts of the country, they can last throughout the year.

Lantanas are edible; it has a sweet and tart taste. It resembles the taste of cherries and black currants. By intaking this flower, it can improve your digestive system, treat toothache, and many more.

4.    Birds of Paradise (Strelitzia)

Birds of Paradise are also called “crane flowers” because it resembles a crane. They are known for their striking colors and bright plumage. The flower includes the colors scarlet, green, blue, and yellow. Just like its name, it resembles the world’s most attractive and dramatic birds in flight. A mature strelitzia can produce 36 spikes of flower annually.

There are five varieties of the plant. When taking care of this plant, make sure that their soil is moist but not soggy. Dry the soil out first between waterings. Avoid leaving it dry and overwatering. In an ideal situation, birds of paradise can bloom throughout the year.

5.    Dianthus (Dianthus caryophyllus)

Dianthus are also called pinks. It’s well-known for its blue-green foliage that’s almost grasslike and abundant flowers with the shape of stars. Dianthus’ flowers have a wide array of colors, including yellow, pink, white, red, and purple.

When taking care of the plant, ensure that you apply fertilizer to it every six to eight weeks. The sturdy perennials have every shade in the rainbow. Dianthus has 15 different varieties. This plant works well to cover your ground as this plant is usually planted in rock gardens or in front of a mixed border. This aesthetically pleasing flower blooms from late spring to the start of summer.

Additionally, dianthus is added together with other supportive ingredients to cure constipation and improve the urinary environment. You may opt to use the petals for cooking, adding color to your salads, pies, and sandwiches. When the petals have been crystallized, you can use them to decorate your pastries and cakes. Remember that when you use dianthus for cooking, remove the petal base as it can be bitter.


Stay sane in this pandemic by purchasing the five flowers mentioned above. Staying at home for more than a year isn’t easy, but with these colorful plants, you can appreciate the goodness in life. Invest in yourself by investing in flowers. Additionally, adding flowers to your garden can attract pollinators. Flowers are the primary source of nectar, which is the source of food for these insects.

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