Main tech trends presented in US & EU in 2022

What are the main trends presented for this edition?

Here are the main trends that we have distinguished.

  • FoodTech:: the mix between technology and food innovation was the main theme of the event. The opportunity to discover that eating a meatless hamburger or nuggets is a reality. For sure, FoodTech will revolutionize the sector of the food industry and we are convinced that this technology makes it possible to imagine a more sustainable future. shines bright in this project we truly believe in, a project that combines biotechnology and artificial intelligence to transform food industry waste into “next generation protein” at high nutritional value and 100% sustainable”.
  • Video Platforms: videos always have been one of the most optimal ways for entertainment, information and creating content in general. People prefer videos since our brains react faster to seeing images  rather than other types of information. That is why platforms like TikTok and especially YouTube are the most trendy right now. That means video marketing is growing as well, so buying instant YouTube views is the main key in the success of today’s influencers.
  • The AeroSpace Industry:: One of the most innovative sectors of this edition.. For this sector, this year 2022 will be marked by space exploration and numerous technological innovations. More than exciting discoveries, such as the demonstration of the long-lasting inflatable habitats of detecting breakdowns thanks to the noises produced.
  • Connected homes: The pandemic has pushed us to spend a lot of time at home, which has allowed connected home experts to find inspiration and creativity to improve our daily lives. The home technologies presented were mainly aimed at helping their users relax and improve the quality of their home.  From scented air purifiers to temperature and light regulators, to toilets and bathtubs that react on their own according to the time of day: the innovations presented are suitable for any room in the house.

The themes that we have presented in this synthesis are those that we consider to be the most avant-garde. We can also mention other projects such as the application presented by Petnow which allows to identify the nose of a dog as if it were human fingerprints, presenting it as being unique in the same sense as a fingerprint. Cybersecurity, encryption and biometrics were also of particular interest.

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