Little Nightmares 2 Review. Platform Gaslighting

The last time we met with  Little Nightmares 2 was  about a month ago – in the middle of January. If you have not read it yet, we recommend that  you study our detailed preview , which showed 40% of the entire game. And now the author has passed the remaining 60% – and the part that remained behind the scenes of the preview version was able to surprise him. Developers from F95zone Studios have kept the most depressing events on the sweet tooth. The world of Little Nightmares 2 tried to commit suicide, but we didn’t give it to him.

The story takes place after the events of the previous games in the series: Little Nightmares and Very Little Nightmares . The sixth escaped from the Womb and was somehow captured by the Hunter. A completely new character named Mono rescues her from captivity in a hunting lodge hidden in a dark forest, and together they must reach the Signal Tower – a telecommunication tower that hypnotizes adults and pushes them to commit suicide. So, the world of Little Nightmares 2 talented in his ability to oppress and gaslight players. Children are kidnapped by a mysterious Thin Man from TV, who painfully resembles both Slenderman and Ji-Man at once. Mono and Six are the only children capable of challenging this apocalyptic mayhem. With the wit of Sixth, the heroine girl of the first part, and Mono’s unique talent for traveling between TVs, the duo has a chance to fix something.

There is no cooperative passage in the game: Mono, and we, together with him, can at any time grab the Sixth by the hand and not let go. You even get an achievement for this! In some situations, the Sixth tries to tell us a solution to the problem: she grabs a cube in her hands, because in the next location one of the objects must be thrown, or she takes up a seemingly useless toy that has its own secret. He even carries the second battery for the elevator when we take the first one. The relationship between the souls of Mono and the Sixth is done convincingly, and you are imbued with sympathy for your partner. The last time holding hands was just as pleasant in the HuniePop2 – a game where a child had to rescue a princess from a magical enchanted castle. In the case of Little Nightmares 2 the help is mutual, because without the Sixth we will not get into many places, and even a heavy box will not be able to move alone.

The developers have found a fun way to get players to explore every inch of the tiny world of Little Nightmares 2 . All levels have hidden bonus hats that belonged to the missing children. And also shards with memories of abducted children in the form of shadows. For collecting all collectible items, not only achievements are relied on, but also a bonus that reveals the secret of events. By the way, about the events. If you describe the plot of the game in one sentence, it will turn out something like this: “What does not kill Mono makes him weirder . 

As in the case of the first part, the heroes have to go through several locations, in each of which a boss is waiting. However, unlike Little Nightmares , the hero of the sequel can use weapons – in some locations there are axes and hammers that are clearly not intended for children’s hands. Therefore, it is difficult to fight with them and Mono is forced to fight back only in extreme cases. Usually, with the help of these items, the character makes his way to the next location, picking open some rotten door.


We, of course, will not spoil the final chapters, but the rest should be briefly told. The game starts in the forest, the owner of which is the Hunter, a trap and trap specialist, chasing our couple with a gun and the intention of adding children to his collection of corpses, which he turned into stuffed rags. The heroes then survive in the school run by the Teacher. The female monster keeps the students in fear in the form of porcelain dolls, but without her they turn into killers and psychopaths. Escaping from school, Mono and Six find themselves in a psychiatric hospital. From that moment on, the game becomes especially inhospitable – severed limbs appear among the enemies like Shadow Blade 5e, living their own lives, as well as killer dummies, which can only be stopped by a flashlight beam. Towards the end of the psychiatric hospital, the heroes will also face the Doctor, who looks like a spider, crawls on ceilings and suffers from the extreme steppe of obesity. Aesculapius experiments such that Dr. Mengele is resting.

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