List of Exquisite Peshwai Maharashtrian Jewellery for Every Marathi Bride’s Collection

Maharashtra has some extremely unique and exquisite traditional gold jewellery collections from the age of kings and queens. The Marathi woman love to wear jewellery on every special occasion like wedding, festivals, pooja, office parties, on any other social gathering. Maharashtrian jewellery includes all the beautiful pieces of ornaments from head to toe.

The love for ornaments is very old from the age of Peshwas. The traditional Peshwai jewellery is unique and made of pure gold. But with the change in generation, Peshwai jewellery has gone through various variations and is now available as per the demands of the target customers.

Check out the list of some exquisite Peshwai Maharashtrian Jewellery you can add to your wishlist.

  1. Peshwai Haar: The most famous among other Peshwai gold necklace sets are Tanmani and Chinchepati. It is a Maharashtrian temple jewellery that is adorned with beautiful and unique stones and pearls. These gold necklace sets are crafted during the era of Peshwas and are very famous among Marathi ladies.
  2. Peshwai Bangles: These beautiful pairs of bangles look very beautiful when worn by the bride along with other bridal pieces of jewelry. The pair of bangles are also known as tode are available in various designs and styles. A Marathi bride love to wear Peshwai Alankar bangles on her special occasions.
  3. Peshwai Nath: A Peshwai Nath is a half arch-shaped beautiful gold nose pin adorned with unique pearls and stones. This traditional gold jewellery is found in the jewelry box of every Marathi woman. Various designs and styles of Nath are available now but the traditional Peshwai Nath is unique in her way and looks very beautiful when a Maharashtrian woman wears it with Paithani and Nauvari sarees.
  4. Peshwai Peacock Waki: An armlet or a bajuband is known as waki. A Peshwai waki is adorned with a stunning peacock design on one side and the figure of goddess Lakshmi on the other. Every Marathi woman love to wear these traditional pieces of jewellery made of gold and extraordinary artistry. The waki is now available in various designs and another most popular category is the one made of pearls and other gemstones. The choice is made depending on the attire and occasions.
  5. Peshwai Mangalsutra: For every married woman gold mangalsutra holds a very special place in their life. A Peshwai mangalsutra, also known as Thali, is the one tied by the groom around the bride’s neck while performing marriage rituals. While tying the mangalsutra, the groom promises his bride to be hers for life and the same promise is made by the bride. This traditional gold jewellery is available in many designs, sizes, and styles but the purpose is the same.

When a woman gets married, she is decorated with beautiful pieces of traditional jewelry that make her look stunning and different from the crowd. It is the dream of every woman to get married like a queen and when she wears Peshwai jewelry her dreams come true. It is the traditions and the traditional gold jewellery that makes the bride look special on her wedding day.

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