List of benefits children get while movie watching

The cinema, used as a source of information, allows us to delve into the study of society, learn about cultures other than our own, form ibibo.club around the past, present, and future events (it allows us to judge, put ourselves in the role of most relevant historical figures).

What is the importance of cinema today?

Likewise, cinema is considered important since it is a creative space that promotes the development of imaginative capacity in the viewer, allowing them to experience unreal situations and emotions in a very vivid way.

What are the benefits of the cinema?

  • Relaxes and reduces stress.
  • Helps to see problems better.
  • Allows catharsis.
  • Develops creativity.
  • Conveys positive messages to children.
  • It Burns calories and improves the response of the nervous system.
  • Provides general culture.

How do movies influence children?

First of all, let’s say that “when you take your children in cinema, they can learn more entertainingly and unconsciously “; this means that the child is not aware that he is being educated, it motivates his interest and allows him to get out of the usual tasks; so it is a way of teaching good values.

How can a film influence the formation of children and young people?

The film “The Power of One” shows a story of very important values for a teenager: fidelity in friendship, the ability to serve to teach the weakest, everything that refers to solidarity.

What is the impact of cinema on society?

The cinema arrived as a common reality for all of society, even though it lived daily. It has had a great influence on the way of seeing the world; the aspirations of the people, the evolution of thought, and thus, the same feelings were reflected in the people who saw the same movie.

How do movies influence people’s behavior?

Although its main function is to entertain, the cinema has proven to generate a very direct influence on people. Like music, a film is capable of arousing sensations and emotions which, many times, conditions our way of acting in situations of daily life ideaplane.net.

How does cinema influence emotions?

Cinema not only reaches people’s intelligence but also connects with their emotions, to generate motivation and to facilitate people’s commitment to change. This approach is derived from the identification of the person with the rational component of it and the contempt for the affective.

How does cinema influence psychology? It makes us laugh, cry, feel anger, anger, anguish, empathy… Allowing us to connect with an intimate area of our being. It also helps us to face love losses, recognize them and overcome them, watching movies about heartbreak favors the grieving process. Movies can motivate us to achieve some goal.

Why is cinema an influential audiovisual medium? The cinema is considered a means of communication because it expresses intentions, thoughts, ideas, points of view, and information. Cinema is also considered the reflection of an era since, like any artistic manifestation, it reflects a social reality in which the creator is immersed.

What kind of information is currently broadcast in cinemas? Cinema is one of the main ways in which fictional stories are disseminated. Along with literature, it is one of the main ways fictional stories are spread. In addition, it allows sharing records of distant realities, opinions, world views, biographies, and other types of stories imahima.info.

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