Last minute checklist before exam night

We all know that exam season has started and students are finally going to get the results of the hard work they put in. Apart from working hard and completing the course, other factors also affect your results. Partially, your condition on the day before an exam can greatly determine how you will perform in your exams. If you are also a student who gets nervous on the day before an exam and can’t perform to their full potential, then this article will help you overcome the exam fear. 

Maintain a healthy diet 

Many students have the habit of stress eating the night before an exam which can affect their health. You can only perform well when your body is in the right condition a day before an exam. So, try to include a protein-rich diet during exam times and refrain from eating junk foods. Don’t forget to eat a healthy breakfast, rich in fiber and protein, on the day of the exam.  

Set alarms 

If you are someone who struggles to wake up on time or are a night owl, setting up multiple alarms can save you from the unnecessary rush during the d day. Don’t put an alarm on snooze, instead set multiple alarms to wake up on time and avoid the worst possibility of missing your exam. 

Complete 6-8 hours of sleep 

Your brain can function effectively only if you have enough sleep a night before an exam. Aim to complete your 6 to 8 hours of sleep to feel refreshed and relaxed in your test. But, we know that it’s not easy to fall asleep the night before an exam due to nervousness or overthinking, after all, you have been preparing for months. So, drink warm milk and listen to soothing music to calm your mind. 

Review short notes or flashcards 

It is advisable to not touch any new topic a day before an exam and revise your notes or flashcards. It will help you memorize all the important topics and refresh your memories. But, don’t study on the day of the examination or a few hours before entering the hall. If you don’t have study notes, you can take help from an online course selling website and get study materials. 

Don’t do late-night studies 

Staying up late at night and studying a night before an exam can make you anxious and sleepy in the exam hall. Avoid doing late-night studies a night before an exam at all costs. Make sure that you spare time to relax and have a healthy dinner. 

Do some physical activity 

If you are feeling anxious, work out and release some sweat. Doing exercises helps you release stress and increase the levels of happy hormones. Do some stretching, do yoga, go for a walk, or do any physical activity that you enjoy. It can also help you get a good night’s sleep before the examination day. 

Prepare for the morning 

You need to prepare the night before to avoid the morning rush on exam day. It means setting alarms, keeping stationery items in the bag, preparing breakfast, taking out your most comfortable clothes, etc. It will help you mentally relax and be ready for the day when you wake up. 

Keep positive thoughts in your mind

Say some positive affirmations to yourself before going to bed like you have worked hard enough and everything would go well. Positive thoughts have the power to bring positive outcomes, so avoid intrusive thoughts and stay positive. 


Meditation is the best way to clear your head and stay positive for the coming days. Meditating a day before an exam helps you relax your mind and increases your productivity. You can also take online courses in yoga and meditation from the best platform to sell online courses

Take necessary documents 

Keep all the necessary documents like your student ID card, passport size photo admit card, roll number, calculator, or any other papers in your bag riley reid and rudy gobert marriage a night before an exam to avoid missing them in a rush. 

Reach the center a bit early 

Arriving at the exam center earlier gives bhojpurihub you the time to get familiar with the surroundings, have some water, and relax. You also have some time to arrange your documents and get mentally ready to face the exam. 


Any competitive exam is a big day in the life of a student and we know that the night before is the hardest part. We hope this guide will help students to get ready for their exams nobkin.

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