KuCoin Trading Bot | The Ultimate Guide For All

The crypto market can change not in the minutes but just in seconds, and all the investment can go lost if timely measures are not taken. Many cryptocurrency exchange platforms provide their customers with assistance in their sales and purchase, but they are not so reliable. On the hand, KuCoin has a trading bot that can work efficiently to increase investment and make the most out of the trends in the market. There are almost 500 coins available in KuCoin, and it is nearly impossible for the user to analyze and study all of them and make the investment in the coin that has the potential to go up. It is also not possible for the user to sit in front of the screen and wait for the right moment to invest in crypto. That is why KuCoin has introduced the advanced trading bot.

There are many other features of KuCoin besides the trading bot. It has its coin KCS that can be used to trade any currency. It also supports  Nft portfolio tracker for traders, Bitcoin cloud mining, Crypto mining pool, Cryptocurrency news, Affiliate program, interest on loans, and many other features to its users. In this article, we will discuss the trading bot of the KuCoin.

Trading Bot

The trading bot of the KuCoin can work in different ways, and that is dependent upon the user. Among all the crypto exchanges, the trading bot of the KuCoin is believed to be the most robust and efficient. With the help of KuCoin, you can multiply your investment without the need to look at the screen. These are the strategies of the KuCoin trading bot:

Classic Grid

It is the most popular and primary trading bot based upon the simple rule. It works on the principle to buy when the price is low and sell when it is high. In this feature, the user can set the upper and lower limit of the grid, and it will work between those boundaries.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

This strategy is best suited for long-term investment in that the bot buys a certain amount of coin daily or in the interval you set. Consider that you have set the levels to purchase bitcoin worth $1 per day. It will continue to buy that until you turn it off or reach its limits. This type of trading bot is best suited when you want to purchase many coins but do not want to spend all the money at once.

Futures Grid

It is a combination of grid trading and futures trading. It offers high leverage and profit, but this is also high in this trading bot. The bot will divide your amount into smaller pieces and invest them into separate coins in these settings. In this way, the profit margin is considerably high.

Smart Rebalance

This is the most competitive tool for long-term investment. Suppose you have bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins each have a worth of $100 in your wallet. Now you want to maintain these levels so that their net value remains $100. The price of bitcoin increases and disturbs the balance, and they cost $105. Now the bot will again maintain these levels. It can do it after a time interval or after the percentage change in value.

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