Key Features of huawei mate book x pro

When we hear the name, Huawei right, we’ve directly compared it to big brands like Apple and Samsung. It’s the fastest-growing tech company in China. They produce a smartphone. They produce laptops and hell even PC as well. We were lucky enough to be allowed to play around with their latest product, the huawei mate book x pro. So without any further delay, guys, I’m just going to jump straight into the detailed review of the huawei mate book.


So from the get-go, you can already tell how light this is. I believe it has a very nice touch to it. It’s just super thin, super lightweight I have a weighing scale here, so I’m going to put it on top. Even the laptop that I have in my room, in my house that I use daily, it’s really heavy. It’s a really slick and really interesting design.


You can see this little amount of bezel that we have. Right, A lot more screens, real estate. This is probably the thinnest bezel I’ve ever seen on a laptop before, and on top of that, you got to 3K resolution on huawei mate book x pro. When you look at it, in general, the keyboard itself, it looks super clean, super slick, and even the sound itself. It’s nice.


Moving on from the design, I want to get into the touchpad and the special feature that we see more and more in a laptop these days, the ability to use the touch screen on this laptop. The feedback on this touch screen is interesting. It’s super-fast. I mean, from my experience, it’s just something that I’m very amazed about because I as a consumer, right, I don’t use a lot of touchpads. Though this touchpad is super sensitive, the feedback is on point. And on a day-to-day basis, I spent a lot of my time using a mouse and screen on my phone. So, having to move on to huawei mate book x pro that provides this feature, and I’m enjoying this feature.

Media consumption

It is something that I appreciate in this laptop. Right, I mean, the 3K full view display on its own is already satisfying enough. You can watch a lot of shows on it and it’s really crystal clear and I appreciate it. I want to talk a little bit about the audio. So they have two speakers right here and two more at the bottom. I don’t know about you guys but audio plays a huge role when it comes to media consumption. When I first watch the movie on this laptop, I was blown away. I put it on max volume. I put it on max brightness. And I was fully immersed in the whole thing. And like with the little bezel, you know, nothing is disrupting you.


I’m a very casual gamer. I play games like Dota 2, they’re like Valorant but on this particular laptop, I decided to try Valorant. Performance-wise, it’s all right, medium to low setting. I don’t know what happens if you push it to the maximum setting. So yeah, this is the gaming performance on this laptop. I think it’s pretty alright for like casual gamers, like myself. I don’t play very heavy intense games. If you’re like me, then this is a perfect laptop for you then.


Battery performance

I played games without the charger connected to it. So I’ve tried it before, it lasted about six hours at most without the charger on. And at the end of the battery, the performance on the huawei mate book x pro will drop a bit. I mean, what do you expect? Five to six hours for casual gaming? But high-intensity gaming, as I said, might as well just grab yourself a PC.

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