Keeping A Bombay Cat – You Need To Read This!

Taking good care of animals can make them friends at home. Some of the animals that people often keep are cats and dogs (read more). But in this discussion, we will focus more on the former.

There are at least 45 breeds recognized by The Cat Fanciers’ Association. It’s just that there are other breeds that are not recognized by the CFA because of mixed genetics. Those of you who intend to keep these animals need to read these details to the end.

You already understand the concept of the CFA, which only recognizes 45 breeds. An example of a controversial breed according to the CFA is the Bambino. Bambino is a combination of Sphynx and Munchkin.

The Munchkin has super short legs. These short legs make it difficult to jump or climb. It is not uncommon for Munchkins to have difficulty going up and down stairs which other breeds would be able to do easily.


Then the Sphynx is a type that does not have fur. If you’ve ever seen a plucked chicken, then the Sphynx looks similar to that. Sphynx skin becomes more susceptible to dirt and irritation. The owner needs to take extra care of the environment when deciding to keep the Sphynx. Hybrid breeding makes many organizations concerned about the quality of life of their animals.

Not surprisingly, some organizations have listed the Bambino as a mutation rather than a different breed. Based on this holistapet cat breeds guide there are many types of breeding. You can find cat breeds around the world by their names from a to z. Fans of these animals will be able to see the enormous diversity. The one often found in films and the most mythical is the Bombay Cat.


Many people understand how similar the Bombay Cat is to the panther. It’s true that the history of the Bombay Cat also records the development of this breed by Nikki Horner from Louisville, Kentucky, who wanted to make a mini panther. The first attempt was made and failed.

Not giving up on the failures experienced, finally, she conducted a second experiment in 1965. This second experiment was successful. Finally, this breed registered with the CFA in 1970.

This cat is called the Bombay Cat with a special physical description. This pet has short fur similar to domestic felines. Almost all parts of the body have a totally black color, so it’s not just the fur.

Even the soles, nose, and mouth are also black. The eyeball has a green color. This type of pet is usually in the range of 8 to 15 pounds. Most of the males are taller and heavier than the females.

Good care makes this pet can live up to 15 or 20 years. The process of good care can make these animals get adequate nutrition and not excessive weight. These animals love to socialize with their owners and their families.

Suitable to be a playmate of children because it is not aggressive. This cat doesn’t like when the owner leaves the pet alone. Most of these breeds are playful, attention-seeking, and intelligent.

Facts About The Breed

Those of you who are interested and have a hobby of maintaining Bombay need to know some facts. This cat always has a wild side, even though it is considered tame. These animals tend to be active in their daily lives and love to play. Very similar to the type of Bengal and Savannah cat. Another uniqueness that surrounds these animals is that they do not come from Bombay.

The origin of the cat comes from an American developer named Nikki Horner. Horner was very fond of the black panther and created a project to develop a mini version of the black panther. She named Bombay because it looks like a leopard in Bombay, India. Another uniqueness of this type of animal is the black color. The black color is different from the common black cat you usually find on the street.

The paws and nose are all blacks. As an animal that lives in a country with four seasons, this type of animal is known to like to find warm places. Owners often find them sleeping close to a heat source, so it’s not uncommon to climb up to the window when the sun is shining. When the sun is not shining brightly, this pet prefers to sit on the owner’s lap based on Rover (link:

The good news about this one pet is that it doesn’t need too much care. You can do occasional grooming since it has short fur. There is no need to brush this pet’s hair too often.

Besides having the habit of following his master or the people he likes, it also has the habit of welcoming guests. This pet is rarely seen hiding whenever a stranger comes to the house.

You would love to have an active animal and don’t like seeing a lazy cat. The solution is to keep the Bombay breed only. This pet is known to have high intelligence. The owner can train him to be able to successfully perform some tricks.

Due to their high intelligence, this animal likes to act like the boss of the animals when there are other pets. Other animals near this pet will follow his rules.

Where Can I Adopt And Buy Care Products?

Agree to like all the characteristics of this animal to be your pet. No need to be confused about where to buy, because you can directly contact the animal seller in your city. You can also come to the place caring for street animals, because who knows, they also have this one animal. As for the treatment, you can buy it through online stores.

Some examples of the products they sell are CBD Oil, CBD Cat Treats, CBD Calming Chews, and others. All products sold always prioritize natural ingredients and quality. In fact, Trustpilot gives 4.5 out of 5 stars because of its quality.

Whenever you need to know the exact composition in it, you can immediately see the description section. Consumers will also be able to view dosage details for their pets. Be sure to read the instructions for use so that your pet gets the most out of it.

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