It is possible to complete a whole essay in less than thirty minutes if you work really quickly.

Preparation of an Essay

It is recommended that ten minutes be given for the planning and preparation of the essay.

You should spend no more than 10 minutes outlining your thoughts before starting to write. If you do this before you start writing your essay, you won’t have to go back and rewrite anything or reorganise it afterwards, even though it may seem like a lot of work at first. We can provide same day essay for your exams.

It is advised that the essay question be investigated in great detail.

The start of the essay will most likely be in the form of a question or a prompt, and the likelihood of this happening is high (such as a quotation with a question). It is quite necessary for you to read the question in its full and have a complete comprehension of what it is asking of you. The following statement serves as an illustration and a prompt, and it may be provided to you as an example: It is supposed that Time has a book called the doomsday book in which he records the names of famous people. When an older name is superseded by a newer one, the older name is dropped entirely and the newer one is used in its stead. In connection with the topic at hand, one may pose the inquiry, “Are there any heroes who will be remembered for all of time?” in this context. Only a small number of people may be considered “illuminated figures that cannot be erased.” These individuals cannot be forgotten. If this hypothetical situation were to come to pass, would it be impossible for heroes to survive? Write an essay in which you explore the subject at hand and reveal your thoughts and feelings around it. Give some concrete instances to back up what you’re saying and make your argument more convincing. It is feasible to show your thesis using examples taken not just from your own experiences, but also from your knowledge of other areas, such as history and literature. One way to do this is to create parallels between the examples you use to support your thesis and your own life.

The phrase that you want to employ as your thesis statement ought to act as the focal point of the brainstorming session that you conduct.

You are obliged to include a thesis statement whenever you are writing an essay. In this statement, you should define the key points or arguments that you will be making throughout the essay. The introduction to your article has to provide a road map so that you can answer the question “What does this paper discuss?” in a way that makes sense. Take a stance, and then elaborate on your ideas and emotions in relation to the issue.

When thinking about the statement that Longfellow made or the question that he asked, it may be good for you to think about people in your life who have served as heroes to you or to others, such as members of your family or close friends. Longfellow may have been referring to these people. Think about a historical person who has not been accorded the respect or acclaim that he or she is due for the accomplishments that they have attained throughout the course of their lives.

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