Is the slot RTP higher at online casinos?

When you get into online slots at Slots Baby, knowing about the intricacies of playing them becomes vital. What better way to up your odds of winning a nice pay-out, than to fully understand exactly what you’re doing?

Therefore, it’s worth knowing about the RTP percentage that each game offers. You will find that it is crucial in the game’s logistics, as well as directly affecting your chances of winning a pay-out.

Firstly, just what is an RTP?

The return to player percentage (RTP) is one of the most important factors to consider when you’re choosing an online slot title. Without first considering the RTP percentage, and choosing a game solely based on the fact that you like the theme or the bonus features is a common mistake. 

Many rookie gamblers choose a particular game and play it for months without ever getting a single pay-out. Why? Because they don’t factor in the RTP percentage. The RTP percentage will tell you just how volatile the slot is, and what the house edge is. You may be playing on a highly volatile slot without even realising it. 

Keeping tabs on the games’ RTP percentage 

In online slots, you should check the RTP percentage of the game you’re playing. Every online casino game must display its RTP percentage by law, so it’s just common sense to choose games with higher RTP percentages, especially if you’re a rookie and aren’t looking for particularly volatile slots. 

Calculating RTP percentages 

The RTP percentage is the money that is theoretically paid back to the gambler over time. By time, it’s a long-term average of tens of thousands of spins. Therefore, if you spend £100 on an online slot game and that game has an RTP percentage of 95%, by the law of averages, you should get £95 back from the £100 you put in, over the long term. 

Crucially, most online slot games have an RTP percentage of between 94% and 98%. Interestingly, that’s more generous than traditional in-house slots machines. Putting it into perspective, in Las Vegas, the average RTP percentage for the slots machines in their casinos are around the 75% mark. 

Why online slots are more generous 

You may be wondering why the RTP percentages are higher when you play online. In short, it’s because playing online is a better option not only for you, but also for the casino. 

Before online slots transitioned online in the late 1990s, they were suffering an irreversible decline. Slots machines were stuck away in the corners of pubs and all the glamour had been sucked out. 

Since they went digital, few could have predicted the boom. Nowadays, online slots form part of a multi-billion-pound iGaming industry and with fewer overheads, simpler running costs, and streamlined outgoings, digital casinos thrive. 

The advantage of this is that with more money being recycled in the industry, prizes and jackpots go up too. What’s more, software companies want a slice of the lucrative pie and produce better, more sophisticated content all the time. And who benefits from all this? 

That’s right – the consumers. So with higher RTP percentages at online casinos, there are more pay-outs, bigger jackpots, and the whole slots industry keeps on growing. 

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