Is the NCERT enough to score decent marks in the CBSE class 12th?

As you know that, CBSE class 12th is one of the most important exams for your career. You must take class 12th board exam very seriously. It is often observed that many students get confused while selecting study materials for the board exam. Many students choose the wrong study materials that considerably hamper their results. So, you must choose your study materials wisely. NCERT textbooks are the best resource to prepare for the CBSE board exam. These books are also helpful for the preparation of competitive exams such as JEE advance, NEET, and JEE mains.

Now, coming to your question. Yes! You can score a decent score in CBSE class 12th Mathematics by studying only NCERT. However, if you want to score more than 80, you need to put in a little extra effort. Try to solve some additional reference books along with the NCERT textbook that would prove to be an added advantage to you.

Here are some of the important reasons due to which you should use the NCERT book for the math exam. 

  • CBSE prescribes NCERT books

As you already know that CBSE follows the curriculums designed by NCERT. Additionally, many other state boards also follow this NCERT curriculum. The syllabus of the CBSE class 12th board exam is solely based on the NCERT book syllabus which means that all the topics are covered in NCERT books. Besides, NCERT books also cover the syllabus of nations levels competitive exams such as NEET, JEE advance as well as JEE mains.

  • Provides you a comprehensive understanding of each topic.

NCERT Books comprise all basics and fundamentals of each and every topic of math that helps students to understand the concepts easily and quickly.

  • Helps you to make your fundamental strong

Your basics have to be very strong in order to score well in the CBSE board exam. The NCERT books are designed in such a way that gives you excellent content to strengthen your basics. I will suggest you read class 11th NCERT books as well if your basics are not strong. It is very difficult to grab the concepts of the class 12th syllabus if your basics from the class 11th are not clear.

  • There is a chance of getting a direct question from the exercise session.

NCERT books involve many solved examples for every important topic. Additionally, it contains a different variety of questions such as multiple-choice questions, long answer type questions, short answer type questions, and many more, in the exercise session of every chapter. I will suggest you solve all the problems available in the NCERT books. You might find the exact question in the CBSE board exam.

  • Consumes less time. 

The language used in the NCERT is a very easy language. The complex concepts are described in very easy language. Besides, it provides the key points that are important from the examination point of view.

  • Contains a good number of examples and exercise problems 

This is one of the ma factors due to which I am suggesting you use NCERT textbooks to score well in the board exam. As I have already mentioned, it contains questions of different patterns for every chapter. First, try to solve example questions on your own. Try to understand every step of the solved example problems. It will help you to solve the exercise problems.

  • Helpful during revision

Revision is extremely important. You must revise everything as many times as you can. It keeps everything fresh in your mind. As I have mentioned previously, NCERT books provide key points for every topic that help you during the quick revision. I will also suggest you make notes from the NCERT book which can help you during revision.

All the best for your exam and make sure to stay confident.

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