Interesting facts about online communities

The internet has introduced changes in how people live, work, socialize, and spend leisure time. Online communities are emerging as new platforms for people to express themselves, network, and socialize with one another. These cyberspaces also have a positive impact on the user experience by providing instant access to people, brands, and services, in addition to creating a sense of community. Some online communities are now so well-established and popular that they are almost comparable to the traditional offline communities. However, not all cyberspaces are as stable as the traditional ones. Here are some interesting facts about internet communities and why people choose to use them.

1. It is easy to find them.

With many social media platforms readily available, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, it is easy for people to use web communities as a medium to reach out to the outside world. Even within a company, it is often not difficult to find a web community. Many users of these platforms have created their own communities for the purpose of interacting with colleagues, friends, and family. For example, Facebook is used for both personal and professional use, such as sharing news, photos, and thoughts, while Twitter is mainly used for sharing interesting things or things happening in real-time. These communities are also used to share and listen to music.

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2. They have instant reach.

Internet communities are able to reach millions of people in the blink of an eye. In fact, there are some communities, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram, where each member is capable of reaching 10 million to 100 million people, depending on the platform. Even though many internet communities are based in virtual realms, they still have many offline implications, especially in creating a sense of community. For example, there are Facebook groups based in the physical realm. In fact, there are over 100,000 such groups, ranging from political organizations to sports teams.

3. They provide unique content.

Cyberspaces can provide unique content that not many other platforms can. The best example is YouTube, the platform for sharing videos online. Even though video blogs on live broadcasting platforms can provide content, YouTube also allows other users to create channels that share videos that other users have created. YouTube lets users post videos that they have recorded, thus creating original content. Some other great examples of unique content would be Twitter and LinkedIn. Both of these platforms have large creative spaces.

4. They are cost-effective.

One of the reasons why virtual communities are popular is because they are cost-effective. For instance, a business can easily launch an online community for sharing tips about its services or for discussing new products. There is no cost associated with hosting and managing an online community. There is also little to no cost in developing an online community. Web communities can also be easily branded for the right price.

5. They build loyalty.

Internet communities can build loyalty with their community members. People tend to trust and believe the information that they see and read from people that they deem reliable. Thus, Virtual communities can become a part of customers’ daily routine, since they help people to connect and interact with one another. For example, the Amazon store allows customers to share their opinions and reviews on various products. In turn, Amazon receives customer feedback that can help them make better decisions in the future.

6. Online communities are available anytime.

The greatest benefits that internet communities have are that they are available to everyone. Anybody can jump on to an online community to learn new things or share ideas. They do not have to be online to visit these communities. Moreover, web communities are also available on the go. For instance, global villages can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet.

7. Internet communities are dynamic.

One of the biggest perks of cyberspaces is that they can be updated on a frequent basis. As mentioned earlier, the quality of content in these communities can be improved by community members. Thus, if a community is dynamic, it means that it will always improve. This, in turn, will result in more relevant content for users.


These were some interesting facts, observations, and inferences of virtual communities. An online community is an interactive space where users can connect with one another and express themselves. These communities are open to anybody, which is why it is important for them to make sure that they are updated and informative. These communities also encourage their users to give feedback and share ideas. Moreover, communities provide value to their users by sharing knowledge that they will otherwise not be exposed to. Internet communities have emerged as an online phenomenon because of their tremendous benefits and many of them have found success in the market.

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