Injured In a Car Accident But Don’t Have Details of the At-Fault Motor Vehicle?

When you are driving, safety should be the priority. Young professionals may want long drives through the road after a long tiring week. But car accidents can be traumatic. If you are unaware of the steps to be followed afterward, you may find yourself under huge stress. The injury lawyers in Perth can help you come out from the stress.

Call Police

Though you may find that the accident is minor, calling the Police is mandatory in every case, be it a minor or a major crash. An official police report can help you defend yourself when you are not at fault. You should provide as much information as you know to the responding officer. The officer can then decide who is responsible, and the at-fault driver can be identified. The insurance claim can also be applied easily when the official police report is present. The insurance company will want a copy of the official police report, and if you have one, the process can be smoother. The injury lawyers in Adelaide can guide you through the process very well.

Report To DMV and Law Enforcement:

Different states may have different laws, but mostly the injuries or vehicle damages are typically reported to the local law enforcement. Within 10 days of the accident, the car accident needs to be reported to DMV, if 

  • and/or anyone is killed in the accident
  • The accident resulted in property damage worth $1000
  • Slight or major injuries

Information of Accident:

Car accident lawyers in Perth will require some information that you know properly. So, you should collect some information just from the spot of the accident. Make sure you have collected the information like

  • The car insurance policy information of the other driver
  • The name and the contact of the other vehicle’s driver
  • Name of the responding police officer, badge number, and the contact information
  • Make, model, and the color of the other vehicle
  • All the contact details of the witnesses of the accident

Talk to the other driver peacefully and try collecting the information. When you lose your temper and start finding out who is at fault, important information might get lost in the process. So you can let the Police decide the person who is responsible and provide essential information. You can take pictures of both the vehicles that are involved in the collision. 

Contact Your Insurance Company:

Car accident lawyers in Adelaide can guide you through the process of police reports. You can also seek compensation from the car insurance company. The insurance company can guide you about the coverages of medical expenses, damages, personal injuries, and others. They will pay all the expenses of the repairs and the medical expenses. This can provide you with a stress-free experience as insurance companies will take care of all the responsibilities.

Medical Treatment:

You should seek medical treatment from qualified doctors. Even if there are no visible injuries, there can be pain underneath due to the collision and the jerks. Delayed treatment may lead to other symptoms and issues, and so it is always advisable to start the treatment as soon as possible after the accident. Delayed visits to doctors may even lead to spinal damage or tissue injuries. Swelling and internal bleeding can also be life-threatening if not attended to at the right time.

  • Never Call General Practitioner- General practitioners will not be able to treat the injuries, and any mistreatment can lead to fatal diseases.
  • Specialized doctors- Always go for specialized doctors who are experienced with accidental injuries. They can diagnose the injuries well and can start the treatment as soon as possible.

Recovery Process:

When all the above processes are successfully done, the recovery process finally takes place. The injury lawyers in Perth can guide you through the recovery process.

  • If the damages are very heavy, the repairs of the cars may take several weeks. All the documentation of receipts is to be kept properly during the recovery process. The car accident lawyers in Perth suggest keeping all the receipts so that the compensation process takes place smoothly.
  • Your medical treatments may require several weeks, and the injury lawyers in Adelaide suggest taking immediate treatment so that the delayed treatment or mistreatment cannot affect the body of the victims.
  • The recovery process of both the vehicle and the human can take some time, and you should be patient throughout the process. Your physical, mental, and financial health to be taken care of.


The car accident lawyers suggest not delaying the medical treatment. You should immediately contact the Police and doctors so that the recovery process takes place quickly. You should contact your insurance company to understand all the coverages and the compensations. They will pay off all your medical bills and the repairing expenses of your vehicles if all the documents and receipts are arranged properly.

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