Influence Of COVID On Social Media Applications 

In recent times there is a massive influence of covid on social media applications because people are using social media to know the news and other updates.  People are just depending on social media for news updates; they are using it to explore a lot of things during their free time staying home. With a massive population of people following the government guidelines to stay home and work, there is plenty of time to dive into social media. A few unemployed people are using LinkedIn in recent times to find job opportunities. LinkedIn is filled with tons of jobs that are both accessible from the office and remote. People who can commute will find a way to stay on social media rather than while they are sitting in the office. 

It is not only about the changes in work, anybody with a proper hobby of interacting with people, going out and having fun are now idle without jobs to do. Gamers, writers, and readers may feel a lot better in times of pandemic because they might get a lot of time to browse on the internet about plenty of things on feeds.  It is inevitable to feel bad that we all are missing our friends. If you are a person who obeys the government’s guidelines, you should refrain from partying, hangouts, events, etc. It means you are finding time to pamper yourself at home and take some time to learn more. This screen time that people have on social media helps them participate in campaigns, letting them know more.

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The Dynamic Changes Faced By The Application During The Covid Crisis

The following are a few social media applications that faced better changes during the covid situation. 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • YouTube


Facebook is indeed a tricky application that focuses on most people who are already the users of Facebook. But in the past year, the application hasn’t noticed much change in its following base. Please do not take it negatively; Facebook is an extraordinary application with a huge follower base, and some people are still joining the application. It has more than 350 million active users in the past year.  But there was not much increase in the followers based on the past year.  It was completely changed during the pandemic as many people started flooding into Facebook during the lockdown quarantines. People began spending a lot of time on Facebook to check on its feed that contains more information about politics, geography, society, science, sports, and almost everything that happens in and around the world. The follower base was indeed growing, and it has doubled its activity status.

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More like Facebook, Instagram is also a giant on social media. However, the application has been overflowing with many users as it has plenty of features and project trends to grab users attention. Around 19+ million new profiles were signed into Instagram during 2020. Now the application is processing more than 130 million active accounts. If you are a person who is looking for more benefits in various social media applications, then you can check into tweetphoto and bribble. These are the most famous and active online service providing websites with plenty of social media service packages. As per a study, it is proved that people are spending more than 30 minutes a day on Instagram. In the case of Instagram, it is not like Facebook that a few profiles will belong to brands, companies, blogs, and other accounts that are not interested in checking into your profile.

Tik Tok

TikTok is the fresh face on social media in the past year since its launch after Vine. Vine is an app that has left a considerable space for another short video application like TikTok to fill up the place and rock on the internet. This application focuses on entertaining the users and pushing them to create more videos to buy TikTok likes. There was not much comparison during the days of lockdown because since its launch through the Chinese market; the application is rapidly growing with an enormous user base and exposure. The application is never less in any situation.  In recent times, the application has more than 650 million monthly active users leveraging the application for more than 54 minutes a day, which is unbelievable. 


Snapchat is a form of short bursts with around half of the user population opening the application multiple times/day. You do not have to use Snapchat just like you make use of Instagram and Facebook because this application is more concise. The user count of Snapchat seemed to climb in 2020 gradually and has reached more than 250 million users. Snapchat also has many additional features, more like you buy TikTok auto views and Instagram shares. In Snapchat, you have augmented reality and virtual reality working together to satisfy the user’s requirements. 


We believe that there is a lot that has changed during the pandemic. People started to depend on the internet for a lot of things. The internet and social media are more quick and instant than they are assumed to be. It’s okay to depend on them, but make sure you rely only upon the right things from the internet and social media.

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