Inceptial Review – Gives You More Reasons to Trade than Any Other Platform

I think I have found the platform that really knows how to make trading great for traders. It was not a short or easy journey I have to tell you. I have been associated with online trading for many years, and for the past few months, I have been on the hunt for a great trading platform. I finally landed on this website that has made me stop my journey and not only sign up with it but also recommend it to others. If you are getting curious, I am sure my Inceptial review will kill your curiosity and provide you with a platform you would really want to sign up with.

Better Security than Most

The best type of security is what gives you mental peace. Just because an online platform tells you that they are secure does not mean they are. You have to do due diligence to make sure that you are signing up with the right company. At the same time, you must know the factors that can help you recognize the right type of online trading platform. So, firstly, for your peace of mind, Inceptial has some stats to prove how good it is. It offers you more than 160 different assets on its platform for you to trade at any time you want.

If you need assistance from the company, you will get it 24/7. For those who need help with their trades when they are just starting out, they can get it in the form of more than 30 indicators. These indicators will help you know how feasible your trades will be. Last but not least, I have to mention that you are signing up with not just a registered but also a regulated company. The regulation is performed by CySEC and the registration number is also given right on the website for your help.

Trading Accounts and Trading Conditions

The trading accounts and trading conditions are also perfect from the company. I am not just saying that. I am giving you my verdict after looking at hundreds of online trading platforms. So, when you look at the trading accounts, you have four simple accounts. The account names are classic, silver, gold, and VIP. Each account offers you different features. You can start each account with a small amount. What’s more important is the leverage of 1:100 that you get with each account. Yes, it remains the same for all because I think 1:100 is already a great ratio.

The higher you go on the list of the trading accounts, the more you benefit from tighter spreads. Last but not least, I have to mention the margin call and stop out levels as well. They are at 70% and 20% respectively for every account holder with this company.

Hundreds of Assets and Easy Banking

The more assets you have available for trading, the more you would want to trade. And when you want to trade more, there should be no one to stop you from doing that. I am sure you will feel some real freedom when you sign up with Inceptial because the company gives you more than 160 assets that you can trade on its trading platform. These assets are not from the same group. In fact, you can trade cryptocurrencies, forex currency pairs, commodities, indices, and stocks. You want to bank a lot when you have so many options to trade.

So, when it comes to banking, you can go with internet payment options, bank wire transfer, and credit cards. The minimum deposit for each method will be 250 EUR. Other than the limit on the maximum transfer through a credit card, you can transfer as much as you want with all the methods.

Final Thoughts

There are even more reasons that I can write down about Inceptial to prove that it is a great online trading platform. For example, it offers you negative balance protection as well as free educational materials including webinars. What more can a trader expect to get?

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