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In-App Chat – Should you build or buy?

Human interaction is at the heart of application development – not just in terms of customer support but also for a variety of reasons. In any type of software innovation, an in-app chat satisfies this demand.

However, the main decision to make is to either build your own chat feature or buy a chat API or open-source chat SDK.

Are you confused about which option works best for your needs? Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of creating a chat app from scratch vs. purchasing a chat API.

Creating a Chat App from the Base Up

When developing your unique chat software, keep in mind that the standard has been raised. Users expect a particular level of performance, security, secrecy, and a set of features from each chat application. You may wish to add some more functionality for your unique requirements in addition to these features. Only if your chat features operate correctly will your users value them.

Moreover, building a chat app necessitates resources in the form of cash, manpower, technology, as well as related financial costs. This might not be fiscally or logistically feasible for a firm to add a fast extra chat function to an app that needs to be delivered quickly.

Who Should Develop a Chat Application?

As stated before, developing a chat feature takes a significant amount of money, expertise, and effort. Thus, this option may be beneficial to the following businesses:

  • Businesses with robust data security that can manage the danger of real-time and archival conversation data being compromised.
  • Organizations that can devote resources and effort to maintaining and upgrading the chat feature and technological advancements.
  • Companies that regard chat as a product instead of the core functionality of their software.
  • Organizations that are willing to pay more money for chat software and want to develop in this field.

Buying a Chat API

Purchasing a chat API is the most appealing option for creating a feature-rich chat app. An open-source chat SDK is a connection between your application and the chat server architecture. It may be used in an application, a gaming live stream, a webpage, or other applications.

The process of purchasing a chat API or SDK is considerably easier and faster than contemplating the creation of a chat app. The method of integration is simple, and it works with both non-programming firms and internet sites.

Besides, when you purchase a chat app, there is no need for any further programming or changes to the configuration. As a result, it is easily expandable as needed and can be set up in about an hour.

An in-app chat SDK typically contains the following features:

  • Details about your existing tech architecture and the platforms where chat is necessary.
  • Determining the amount of chat privacy protection, safety, and confidentiality that you require.
  • Predicting the percentage of subscribers and visits to your application, both now and in the potential.

Who Might Consider Purchasing a Chat API? 

If your firm or organization falls into one of the following categories, you must utilize fully prepared open-source chat SDKs to develop a chat app

  • A business that is just starting off the ground and does not want to spend a lot of money or effort implementing a chat function to their online platform.
  • A firm that does not have a full-fledged technical team but believes a chat app would be beneficial to their product and/or brand.
  • Because the upfront fees are typically expensive, creating your custom chat app might give you a financial backlash. So, if the expected revenue loss from not having a chat feature is greater than from creating your custom chat app over the next several financial cycles, purchasing a chat API or chat SDK makes perfect sense.


Chats are here to stay, having progressed from simple text messages on the smartphone to become one of the utmost vital elements of the internet world. Incorporating a chat function into your online platform should be a simple procedure that allows you and your customers to interact and communicate more easily.

If you choose to buy an in-app chat SDK, be sure to pick one that offers a feature-rich suite to build a sturdy chat system for your app.

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