IC Markets account types — review 

To start trading on the stock exchange, a lot of money is not required. For beginners, large sums at the first stages are contraindicated. If you immediately start dealing in large volumes, there is a high risk of losing too much. Therefore, many brokers offer a minimum deposit of $200 to start dealing.

However, just going to the stock exchange and trading yourself will not work. You will need a broker — an intermediary between the investor and the issuer, that is, between you and the company whose securities you plan to buy. A company is a company that has a license to work in the stock market and that has the right to make securities transactions for the investor.

Make a contract with a broker. Study the terms of the contract for brokerage services. As a rule, brokers publish a model agreement with tariffs on their websites. It is very important to choose a tariff among IC Markets account types that will suit you. The easiest way is to focus on how much money you have and how intensively you plan to buy and sell securities or currency. If you are a long-term investor and plan to build up your portfolio of securities with a clear periodicity, it is likely to be more profitable to use the Standard Account.

If you’re looking for a dealer that proposes an outstanding demo statement, you can’t do better than it. The Commission per lot of IC Markets Standard Account is $0.0 remembering a MetaTrader dealing forum. The minimum security of this budget is $200.

If you have a more active trading strategy and often plan to buy and sell securities for large amounts of money, you are better suited to Raw Spread Account. It is the most prominent of all forex selling statements, enabling the deepest overall sweep in the business. IC Markets’ Raw Spread Account requests dealers deep stretches on many cash pairs and can also be restored to an Islamic account. The minimum security of this report is $200.

In addition, there is a free Swap account. There you can mark a number of tools to help you enter the market more successfully. In improving desktop, mobile and web interpretations, you can also take their library of academic and learning reserves. 

Brokerage Commission is a fee for the services of a broker, that is, for the fact that he on your behalf communicates with the exchange, buys and sells securities, maintains their accounting in your brokerage account, and acts as a tax agent, calculating and retaining on you a tax on the income from the investment. So there’s no way we’re getting away from her.

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