I must go down to the sea again

The sea had a special allure for many people down through the ages and while a life on the ocean waves is for most who hanker for it an impossible dream it is, for a lucky few one that can be realised. I’m not referring here to a job on a boat but a life on one.

A boat of your own

Should you be fortunate enough to have the money to buy one, you might check out Simpson’s New Lagoon Catamarans for Sale. They are pleasing on the eye and with their twin hulls must have great stability. They also have spacious interiors and facilities that make them to all intents and purposes floating apartments and with state-of-the-art communications suites, extremely modern ones. And with satellite weather surveillance and warnings there’s no danger of being caught out in the open sea during an extreme weather event.

Going way down south

For the less financially well-endowed there are other maritime experiences to be had, of which one of the most esoteric must be a cruise to the Antarctic. Mind you these trips are not exactly cheap, ranging in price from between five and 50 thousand dollars depending on the duration of the cruise (from 9 to 24 days) and degree of comfort desired. It is however a bucket-list contender and would be a once in a lifetime experience so definitely worth saving up for. Summertime is of course the season for such a trip when the temperatures range from a nippy 20 degrees Fahrenheit to a balmy 50. One of the most common departure point for these cruises is Ushuaia, at the southern end of Argentina and fellow passengers will include scientists and naturalists along with other adventurers like yourself.

Paddling your own canoe

Messing around in boats can of course be dangerous and there are some important safety measures that should be observed and there are some boating activities that should not be tried solo. Sea kayaking is one example but as long as it’s done in the company of experienced guides it’s as safe as houses. ROW Adventures are a safety conscious and environmentally responsible provider with their “leave no trace” philosophy.  They offer sea kayaking trips in a variety of destinations from the glacial waters of Alaska to the tropical ones of La Paz.

Before the wind

Boats come in all shapes and sizes and one of the smallest must be a windsurfer. Windsurfing is gaining in popularity and there are opportunities to learn it and enjoy it in many coastal tourist destinations around the world. A certain degree of fitness is needed for it and perhaps an adventurous nature although windsurfing isn’t anything like as scary as it looks when seeing it from the beach.

Big fish and small fry

Fishing holidays can be fun for some and at Sal Rei in the Cape Verdi Islands they can be a family affair. There are deep sea fishing trips for the tougher members of the family, departing from the bay shortly after the sun comes up and bottom fishing in the bay for those who prefer a more leisurely way of catching dinner. Meanwhile for any squeamish souls there are boat trips out to an old wreck for snorkelling and fish watching.

Save Our Seas

UNESCO has proclaimed the current decade (2021-2030) the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and will be posting regular updates of events and programs around the world on its Ocean Decade website.

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