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How to Write an Engaging Script?

For an influencing video, you need to have an engaging script. A script connects with the audience at ground level. 

No matter how great your video or the topic you choose to make a video is, you need a quality script to convey your thoughts to your audience. That is because scripts are the backbone of a compelling video. And to help you out, we have come up with a few tips for writing an engaging script.

Read on to know them!

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  • Create an outline

“An action without a plan is a failure”, we keep on hearing that. Because it is true, and one should abide by it. 

Before starting to write, make sure you know what exactly you are willing to draw from the script. Creating an outline and abiding by it while writing can help you draft a script that fulfils your expectations and summons your audience. 

Moreover, this will help you complete your work in a stipulated time without getting distracted by other ideas. 

  • Try to write conversationally

When writing a script, try to keep the tone as if you are conversing with an individual or a group of people face-to-face instead of thinking of it as just written content. 

This will help you draft more realistic and connecting scripts for the video, which your audience would be able to correlate more. Also, avoid using complex or high words. This might lead people to lose interest in your video. 

  • Talk to yourself

It might sound surreal, but best script writers talk to themselves while writing the script. This is because it helps them assure that the script they are working on sounds typically good and natural rather than stiff. 

Avoiding monotonous language is the best way to draft an engaging script, and to do so, make sure you are conversing with yourself while writing.

  • Try to keep it short, direct, and straightforward

A long script means a long video that might not appeal to few viewers, and I am sure you wouldn’t want people to leave without watching your video. 

So try to write concisely and pointedly to keep the video short but clear. After writing it, make sure you re-read the script to keep a check on those concept killers:

  1. Long words
  2. Too much information

5. Read before writing

The best way to draft an engaging script is to read as much as you can on your writing topic. This will clear your perception of the subject and even help you expand your horizon of reach. 

It will also give you an idea, what works and what doesn’t, securing a more effective script construction. 


Reading the article, you must have understood how important it is to craft an engaging script. Make sure you follow these tips to create the next most engaging script for your video. You can even take help from an expert local SEO in Brisbane to do so.

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