How to write a dissertation title for human resource management

How many of you guys are studying in university? Indeed there are majority and dozens of students who are currently studying in university but the only difference which we can guess is that some are in their first year, where some are in the mid, and some are in their final years. So it doesn’t matter in which year you are and from which city, state, and university you belong because, in the end, you all have to face and submit your final year thesis/ report or project.

Well, when it comes to the project/ report or thesis so these all play the same role but the only difference is the name and the core like those who are from engineering background have to submit their practical report and general. Whereas those who are from management, business, commerce, and social science background have to submit their report or theses but the purpose is same as they want to check that before graduating the student has an enough potential or capability to face the professional life or not.

I hope after elaborating the above –mentioned tail, you guys are quite clear that why this is important and why you guys (as a student) have to submit this before your degree or graduation. To continue this more, as by the name of the title you guys are quite aware that what I am going to discuss and jot down in my today’s article.

Yes, in my today’s article, I am going to highlight to you guys some main and important key points of writing your dissertation title. 

Why I picked this topic?

The reason for choosing this topic is because during the time of searching I have noticed and realized that there are students who are still confused and aren’t fully aware of the dissertation writing and title making like when I was a student so I also faced a little bit hurdle during the time of making my report title.

But now thanks to the internet that not just helps us in all ways but also gives us more relevant suggestions and recommendations through which we guys can make our work more prominently and mannerly.

So, instead of wasting any moment, let’s get the ball roll, and unveil the hidden main key tricks or you can say tactics through which you guys can easily make your dissertation human resources management title without any fuss.

Tricks which you guys have to keep in mind

Every university has its pattern which they show to their students as a sample but the below-mentioned is the standard way of making any report or thesis title page.

Main information:

The first thing which you guys have to keep in mind that it doesn’t matter whether you are making this title page for your bachelor’s program, master’s programs, and even for your Ph.D. program for all you need to jot down the main important information. And when it comes to the main important information so the things that you guys have to write are including,

  • The title

Make sure that you have written your title name properly. This is one of the major mistakes which students do like most of the times students wrote the name of the title in the corner which is wrong. Act wisely and make sure that you are writing your title name in the center, not in the side or any corner of the page.

  • Name and your document type:

The next one is your name and then your document type I am highlighting this point because most of the tie students aren’t properly aware of the sequence and they do the mistakes so make sure you are following the standard sequence theme when you are making your dissertation title. 

After the title starts with your name and then write your document type. Make sure that these things are also in the central pattern.

  • Department or institution name and your degree program:

The next step is to write your department or institution name it is important as it indicates that where you are studying and the write your degree program which indicates that from which core or field you belong. Same the key point is to follow the central theme writing avoids to write any right, left, or any corner of the page.

  • The submission date and your supervisor’s name:

The next step is to mention your submission date which indicates that on which date you are submitting your thesis/ report to your instructor and then your supervisor name as it highlights that from which instructor/ supervisor you are submitting or under which supervisor you have completed your thesis/ report. But like I mentioned-above during the time of making this title you have to follow the centered writing theme.

  • Registration number and your university logo:

Another important thing which you have to mention on your title page is your registration number as it helps the instructor during the time of marking as well as after this, makes sure to paste your university logo in the center. 

You guys can easily get the printed logo of your university from your university’s official website without any asking.

Despite this, if you are quite confused then feel free to check the samples from the Dissertation title page there you can see the samples of various universities and get an idea of making your dissertation title.

  • Month and year of your graduating semester:

After the registration and logo, the last thing you guys have to mention on your title page is your current month and year of your graduation which you guys also have to jot down in a centered sequence way.


I hope after reading the above-mentioned points you guys are clear that what are the points, tricks, and tactics which you have to follow during the time of making your title page.

Rest, if you have any queries regarding the title page then feel free to ping me down.

I would love to trigger your queries and try my level best to come up with relevant answers.

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