How to Score 95% in Class 10 English Exam?

Class 10 Board Exams 2022 will be held by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) starting in February. To do well on the board exam, students need to be aware of the most recent curriculum and changes in the paper format. The board made it mandatory for all pupils to take the CBSE Class 10 examinations previous year’s NCERT solutions class 10 English first flight board questions.

The performance of a student is evaluated based on a final examination in the topic, according to the board’s most recent marking system. The overall evaluation is made up of 80 points for the class 10 board exam and 20 points for the internal assessment (IA).

To improve your performance and get a perfect score on the class 10 English online board exam, use the following tips and tricks:

  1. Attempt the sections of the English paper in the order shown below:
  2. Section A: The reading section should be tackled first because it requires more time.
  • Before reading the chapter, read the questions. This will save you a lot of time.
  • Ten days before the exam, practise one or two reading comprehension passages every day.
  • Practice the note-taking and summary-writing questions from the previous year question papers.

 3.Section B: After the reading section, you should try the writing section, which needs a lot of thinking.

  • Before the test, review the formats, at least three times.
  • Keep in mind the beginnings and ends of sentences.
  • Don’t forget about the word restriction.
  • In essay writing, articles, speeches and debates, follow the divide and conquer strategy. It involves breaking down the topic into five short paragraphs.

 4. Section C: Finally, tackle the literature section, as this is the section with which you are most familiar.

  • Read through all of the chapters at least once. Don’t skip any chapters.
  • Start with the longer answers.
  • When writing a novel, concentrate on the narrative, subject, and character sketches.
  • Management of time – 
  • Give each section 50 minutes of your time.
  • Allow yourself 15 minutes for revision.
  • Presentation – 
  • Write essential terms in black pen.
  • Make sure your spacing is correct.
  • It’s a good idea to highlight key points.
  • Use a black pen to write headers and underline subheadings.

Follow the guidelines mentioned above to ensure your success in the English paper test.

  • So, you’re about to take your tenth-grade board exams this year and are wondering if you can get a perfect score on your exam. It is not simple, but it is possible if you truly want to accomplish it and prepare well for your exams.
  • First and foremost, keep in mind that there is nothing you cannot do. Everything is achievable if you genuinely want to achieve it, whether it’s 99 per cent on your board exams or anything else in your life. All it takes is a lot of effort and determination.
  • Secondly, remember that there is no quick fix for success, and you will have to work hard to score well in your class 10 English exam. Simply be optimistic and focused on your objective.
  • Don’t count the hours. Instead, study until you thoroughly comprehend a subject. As soon as you grasp a concept, write it down in your words to keep track of it. The most important aspect is preparation. You must have a good study schedule in place to ensure that you do not lose track in between. Make a plan from the start and stick to it for the entire year. Begin with the subjects in which you are least confident. These are the topics that are hardest for you to comprehend, retain, and recall. Study those subjects first, and keep two books with you at all times (one rough and the other for revising it during exams). Make your own notes for the more challenging topics first.
  • The next step is to determine the study pattern. You must adore your books if you truly want to reach the 99 per cent mark. Yes, you have to be head over heels in love with them. Don’t see studying as a chore; instead, strive to enjoy it. Your study habits are really important. Make your research fascinating.
  • Make a timetable that will allow you to track your progress daily. Do not jeopardise your health. Allow adequate time for other vital activities such as games, music, eating, and socialising.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t finish the curriculum in the first six months; just make sure you do it twice or thrice before the examination. 
  • Before you go to sleep at night, go over everything you learned that day. There is no shortcut or quick fix to getting a score of 90 or higher. All it takes is hard work and devotion.

Preparations for the board exams are in full gear, and English is a subject that all students must take, regardless of whether they are in the Humanities, Commerce, or Science stream. Fortunately, if one prepares thoroughly, this paper can be passed with flying colours.

  1. Make a list of character sketches and main topics.

Prepare notes on character profiles of major characters as well as central topics for the prose or poetry part of your CBSE Class 10 English paper.

Also, while utilising quotations can help you get excellent grades, do not quote if you are doubtful, as an inaccurate quote will immediately draw the examiner’s notice.

  1. Work through several example question papers

Attempt to solve sample question papers from the past five years to have a better knowledge of the format of the question paper and the marks assigned to each section.

  1. Work on honing your writing abilities.

Get into the habit of reading the newspaper every day to improve your grammar and expand your vocabulary. It will assist you in constructing grammatically correct statements.

  1. Carefully read your comprehension passage.

Read the questions before reading the comprehension passages in your CBSE Class 10 English paper since this will help you identify the portions of the passage that contain the answers when reading.

  1. Make sure you know how to write a letter and a summary.

Practice writing these formats over and again to ensure that you can write them perfectly in exams. Make a strong first impression with your introduction and conclusion while drafting your letter.

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