How To Pack Your Car For A Family Road Trip

Whether you are planning long holiday, a day trip, or maybe both in the form of Whitsunday Day Tours from Airlie Beach, you have to think of and have a good plan. Do some advance planning on where to go, what transportation to choose, and how to pack up the car. Traveling in a big company, try to decide if you want to divide people and rent two small cars or take one big car and sleep well. You should know that 8-seater car rental is popular with family travelers. This is your chance to travel together and control everything on the go.

So, if you’ve picked a big comfortable 7 or 8-seater, check if it meets all the safety requirements. Of course, safety is one of the most important things you should look for in a rental vehicle, especially when traveling for long distance with many passengers inside. So, check if your car has dual-front airbags, parking sensors, operative seatbelts, and child seats. They certainly save lives.

How to organize your luggage

Who’s going on the trip always makes a difference in how you pack. Thus, toddlers need maximum special equipment in the car. By comparison, teenagers always need their friends online so that you have to take phones, tablets, and chargers for all these gadgets. Make a trip plan for them to visit all the places your kids may be interested in. Different age groups require different luggage and lucky you, if you have some time to prepare everything in the best way. Here are a few steps to follow.

Step 1

As a rule, MPVs and SUVs have much space to store luggage in the boot and the areas under the car seats. Of course, an emergency kit and essentials go first. If you don’t have time to go crazy with packing an emergency kit, you can buy it in an auto supply store. It usually includes a flashlight, some extra batteries, cables, fuses, rags, and medicines. Oh, don’t forget to buy an antiseptic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, masks, and sanitizers. All the essentials should be packed together in an accessible place.

Step 2

You can pack clothes in different bags or valises. There must be one smaller bag with essential toiletries such as hand sanitizer, toothpaste, brush, dry shampoo. Try to keep this smaller bag somewhere in the backseat or under the seat.

Step 3

Traveling with kids or friends you may need some sports or tourist gear. So, where to pack your bike, a big family tent, or a canoe? Don’t worry, these bulky things can be easily stored at a car top or placed to the back of the vehicle.

Step 4

Don’t forget to keep your car clean and disinfected. Just pack a can of moistened wipes, several plastic bags for trash, a roll of paper towels, gloves, and a sanitizer to clean the surfaces in and out of the car.

Step 5

Traveling with kids you may need to pack more interesting gadgets and different things you usually don’t pack. Start from the audiobooks, music, and toys for the kids. Don’t worry if you overpack! It is better to take one more tablet to keep your kids busy on the go instead of a favorite T-shirt. Believe it or not, there is no pleasure when traveling with annoying grumpy kids. Many minivans and SUVs already come with in-built DVD players, back-seat monitors. So, don’t forget to pack the movies and cartoons.

Have you already downloaded a couple of your kids’ favorite electronic games? Do that! There are many apps to help you to entertain your kids.

Step 6

Whenever you go, you badly need some food in the car! Of course, roadside restaurants can save your life! But if your passengers want a snack right now and right here, it is better to have some healthy food in the car. Fill the cooler with ice cubes, fruits, salty or sugary snacks, sandwiches. Take some bottled water and juice bags with straws.

So, duty is done! Your car is ready to meet new passengers and hit the road. By the way, have you ordered a child seat for your baby and a GPS navigator to find the way even when driving at night and in an unknown environment? Think about it! use Baltimore party bus for a fun road trip experience

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