How To Optimize Your Business Website To Rank For Near Me Terms

Many online businesses neglect the power of “near me” terms. They think that these search queries are not useful. But if we have a look at the search volume, then we will know about its importance. There is around 150% growth in their volume. And the count is increasing day by day because more people search on Google for specific businesses, services and products. 

You can utilize these terms as magnets to attract more traffic. The only thing that you need to do is to optimize your business website to rank for “near me” search terms. If you don’t know how to do it, then here you are at the right place. Being a leading SEO reseller, we will tell you how to optimize your business website for near me search queries. Along with it, we will cover some benefits of near me keywords too. 

What Are The Near Me Terms?

If you don’t know what near me terms are then you might be losing a huge potential of organic traffic. People search on Google and other search engines to find places, specific businesses, products or services near them in the real world. Mostly people search for these terms on Google maps. However, through Google maps, they head to the Google search engine result page and find the best information about their search query. In this type of search query, there is no location mentioned. Only “near me” is placed at the end of the query. For example, “coffee shop near me” is a near me term. 

Why Searchers Use Near Me Keywords?

They use it to quickly find some services, businesses or products near them. For example, when a guy from Newyork will search “best coffee shop near me” then this term will be known as a “near me” search query. On the result page of this search term, Google will show up some of the best coffee shops. And if you are a coffee shop owner in Newyork, then you might find it helpful to get more traffic through these search queries. 

Ways To Optimize Your Site For Near Me Terms

Now let’s talk about the ways to optimize your site for near me terms. There can be plenty of ways to do it. However, you can try all these best ways to optimize your website for near me terms. Surely, these ways will help you get better results. Following are some of the tips to do it. 

#1. Write Content For Near Me Terms

You may have a blog or podcast along with your main business website. Now you need to publish content for near me terms. Start writing some useful content to rank higher for these terms. Target these terms and use them as magnets for you to attract organic traffic. 

#2. Make Separate Pages

You can target near me terms easily with separate location-targeted web pages on your business website. Your business website will be getting organic traffic from different locations on the same domain, which will benefit your online business. 

#3. Complete The Google My Business Profile

Google My Business listing is very important when we are targeting near me terms to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). You need to optimize your Google My Business and provide all the necessary information there in a transparent way. 

#4. Optimize Your “About” Page

Your about us page on the website is a key role player in your ranking with near me terms. You should add all the information about your business in your about us section. Now also allow google search crawlers to crawl this page. More precisely they crawl your “about us section, more chances are there that Google will list you in the SERPs.

#5. Include Location Details On Your Site

Adding location details along with proper nearby landmarks is very important. You can also make driving directions or any other assistance to help new customers find your business easily. 

#6. Publish Customer Reviews On-Site

Publishing customer reviews will help you get new customers. But it will also help you impress Google and its crawlers. Google will always push those websites up, those that have a higher ranking and good reviews. So always get reviews and publish them on site.

#7. Use Geocode For Images

Geocoding is a method to tag your images with a location on your website. It is a great method to use when you are targeting local traffic. You can also utilize it for the near me search terms and rank your website higher with them. It will enable search engines to understand where an image is taken or where it belongs.

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Optimizing your website for local traffic is a great thing to have for any local business. So you can opt a suitable SEO packages for that. Getting reviews and feedback from local audiences and getting promoted by local influencers is all a local business can have. But there is something more important which is known as “near me” terms. You can target your content marketing strategy towards “near me” keywords and you will get a nice local traffic boost on your business website easily. 

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