How to make your brother happy post breakup?

Relationships are the strength of life. Their presence in our life makes us feel loved, pampered and privileged. But, sometimes destiny has some other plans. A relationship doesn’t live for a longer period. Breakups are sad, but we have to accept them. Seeing someone close to your heart going through this difficult time is really overwhelming. It is your utmost responsibility to do your best to bring a smile back on the face of your loved one. So, if you are an elder sister or a brother and the grief of break up is haunting your little brother. Then it’s time to find out effective ways to cheer him up. Well, we can definitely help you out with this. Here we bring some best ideas that will give you a right direction on how to make your brother feel cheerful once again.

  1. Help him accept the fact: Sometimes, the problem with such a situation is that the person doesn’t accept the fact and he remains stuck with questions like – What? Why? How? Hence, firstly tell him that yes, something unfavorable, uncertain has happened. But it doesn’t mean this is the end of the World. The choice of being happy is still in your hands. Tell him, how was he before this relationship was not there in his life. He was happy and energetic. Then, why can’t he become the same person once again. Also, tell him soon he will find a lovely relationship in his life who will bring immense happiness in his life.
  2. Invite his friends at home: Friends are therapeutic. They stand by us during the toughest time of life. So, make a list of his besties with whom he is really close and share a good rapport and invite them to your home. Surely when he is surrounded by friendly vibes, he will feel better. Their giggles, laughs and unapologetic talks will make him feel lively. You can also arrange a drinks party or a pizza party, so that more fun element can be added. Just make sure that the topic doesn’t go towards the breakup story.
  3. Join a hobby class with your brother: So, you are his sibling, and no one knows him better than you. Find out his favorite hobby and join him. It can be dancing, gymming, sports etc. The hobby classes will divert his mind from painful thoughts to something that he likes doing. These activities will stimulate happy hormones and slowly and steadily, he will be perfectly normal with time. While enrolling into a class, make sure that the classes are held regularly, so that his focus remains on the newly found love. Your company will become a big motivation for him to enjoy the hobby classes even more.
  4. Get him binge into a sweet treat: Treat your brother with lip smacking cake by ordering a cup cake for him. Choose the favorite flavor of your brother and order it online. FlowerAura is one of the reputed online bakery shops that offer beautifully garnished cupcakes that are not only yummy by look, but even taste wise; they satiate the taste buds fully. Eating these yummy cakes, he will land into the heavenly world which will definitely help him boost his mood and stay happy. Now, the cake delivery can also be received in cities of Telangana. Even same day online cake delivery in Karimnagar can be easily availed.
  5. Let him do something selfless: Our ancestors always say that ultimate bliss can be experienced if you perform something selfless. You can ask your brother to donate something to the needy. It can be money, clothes or eatable items. Doing this, your brother will be relieved and he will feel relaxed and satisfied that in such a painful time, he atleast tried to lessen the burden of someone. You can also distribute books and stationery items to small kids. That’s also a beautiful way to be proud of yourself thinking that you contributed something precious to someone’s life.

It is normal to feel powerless when your brother goes through a breakup. But one of the most important things that you need to realize is that you can’t simply fix the situation. Instead, you must try cheering up your brother post breakup. You should be the first person who gives his shoulder to share his sorrow and an ear to listen to his complaints. But yes, alongwith that you have to become his support system and do your best to take him out of this agony.

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