How to make an incredible gourmet cocktail?

If you are a connoisseur of delicious and sophisticated alcoholic cocktails, then reading this article is a must. How to enjoy your favorite compositions not only in the bar but also at home? How to organize an unforgettable party and impress everyone with an assortment of home bars? Find out below.

All cocktails have one interesting fact in common: they are all created on the basis of spirits with the addition of other ingredients that are responsible for the color, appearance, etc. Therefore, having a base in your bar, you can easily prepare delicious and wonderful cocktails. And professional bartenders have as many as eight such universal foundations.


Water and ethanol are used for their production. The manufacturing process is the distillation of liquid from cereals, fruits, and sugar. The most popular cocktails based on this drink are “Bloody Mary”, “Vykrutka”, “And Cosmopolit”.


It is distilled alcohol obtained from juniper berries. A few centuries ago, it was considered a medicine, and today it is an invariable basis for such cocktails as “Negroni”, gin and tonic, “Boravchik” and others. Its herbal taste cannot be confused with anything else.


Is it possible to do without a good old Mexican friend – a drink made from blue agave leaves? Tequila is consumed on its own with salt and lime and is also served with meat. It is also used to make such cocktails as “Margarita”, “Bloody Mary”, and “Tequila Paloma”.


This drink is made from molasses or sugar cane juice. It is aged in oak barrels, due to aging it can have a different shade – from light to dark. Rum is consumed with ice, or it is used to prepare “Mojito”, “Pinot Colada”, hot rum with butter.


It is an alcoholic drink prepared from grains of malt, barley, corn, and wheat. Whiskey is stored in white charred oak barrels. There can be different classes and varieties. According to its qualities, it is used to make “Whiskey Sauer” and “Sazerac” cocktails.


For those who think that this is another name for tequila, information immediately: it is an alcohol with a smoky aroma. It is distilled from any type of agave, not just the blue agave. And there are about 200 species in total.


This is a kind of alcohol that remains after the distillation of wine. It can contain 35-60% alcohol and is used as an aperitif. Brandy is aged in wooden barrels. With the help of brandy, you can prepare such cocktails as “Carriage”, “Sazerac”, and “Sangria”.

Pinaq liqueur where to buy – if you want something exotic

One of the most original drinks in terms of taste, which can be tasted alone or combined with others, is Pinaq. It is a drink with a perfect combination of tropical flavors. Do you want to know pinaq where to buy it? Do this at a reliable point of sale, where you are sure that you are dealing with the original.

You can try it in four incredible cocktail options:

  1. Pinaq (this is a combination of liqueur vodka and passion fruit, it has a rich tropical taste);
  2. Rose (cognac, vodka, and pink wine – such a flavor cannot be forgotten);
  3. Colada (Jamaican rum, vodka, and cream – for true gourmets);
  4. Pinaq blue (cognac with vodka combined with your favorite fruit juice).

In addition to the original taste in its pure form, the liqueur is an excellent addition to cocktails. That is why people often look for pinaq where to buy. With it, you can make such cocktails as Original Old Fashioned, Original Negroni, Espresso Martini, etc.

If you are still wondering “pinaq where to buy”, look for official representatives.

How and with what to drink strong alcohol?

When diluting strong alcoholic beverages, it is worth remembering which one is correct and what exactly to dilute each of them with. For example, we all know that the easiest way to dilute alcohol is to add water. However, there are those who mix strong alcohol with a weaker one. For some, the real taste is in combination with fruit juices and fruit juices. However, there are unwritten rules that should be followed in order not to distort the true taste of an alcoholic drink:

  • Bourbon is mixed with cola and soda;
  • Whiskey tastes better with juice;
  • It is better not to dilute single malt whiskey;
  • Absinthe is diluted with the sugar syrup;
  • Undiluted vodka is drunk chilled;
  • Brandy is heated in the hands before drinking;
  • Cognac can be diluted with tonic;
  • Rum has a burning taste, so it is mostly used in cocktails.

So you have a choice: either look for pinaq liqueur where to buy and try it without additions or try to make a cocktail at home using the correct alcoholic base.

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