How To Keep Your Home Covid-Free After Restrictions Are Lifted

Nobody wants to keep yo-yo-ing from one national lockdown to another, which is why it’s important to understand what we can do to keep our homes covid-free and our families safe. We’ve got some common sense but highly recommended tips for you to follow, so before you celebrate the restrictions being lifted, check them out and think carefully about how to proceed.

Get your food delivered

The increase in home delivery bookings has been off the charts during lockdown and if you want to stay safe, this is a habit to continue. Instead of simply booking deliveries for your weekend takeaway treats through companies like Deliveroo, think about having your big shop brought to the door too. The ‘big four’ supermarkets are set up for this but Iceland’s positive reviews show that smaller outlets can cater to home drop-offs too.

Keep visitors in the garden

We know it’s not always easy to keep family and friends outside, but it really is for the best. Instead of ploughing straight in with indoors gatherings, wait a little longer and try to coordinate visits for when the weather is nice and everyone will be happy to sit outdoors, in the fresh air. Just keep things really straightforward and let everyone know that visits are allowed, but nobody comes inside the house.

Have hand sanitiser by the front door

Using sanitiser has become a new norm, but keeping that going means making products accessible and impossible to ignore. A good rule of thumb is to always have a hand sanitiser dispenser by your front door, so whenever you go to answer it, leave the house or whenever you come home, you can have a quick squirt and give yourself a little extra protection and peace of mind.

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Make masks mandatory

Not everyone is happy wearing a mask right now but it has been scientifically proven to help prevent transmission of coronavirus, so don’t give those you love any leeway. Unless there is a solid medical reason for not being able to wear a mask, make sure that everyone knows you will insist on them covering their face if they want to see you or any of your household and that goes for everyone. No exceptions for Grandma!

Hold off on the parties

Parents of young children have found the multiple national lockdowns especially hard, as they haven’t been able to give their little one’s birthday parties and though restrictions are being lifted, now isn’t the time to have them. At least not indoors. Though there will be a natural temptation to start baking, decorating and inviting everybody over for a belated celebration, or even a timely one, depending on when childrens’ birthdays are, you need to focus on staying safe. Household-only parties are just as special and fun and carry far less risk.

Have a hand-washing rule

Just like wearing masks, handwashing has been shown to be a valuable weapon in the fight against Covid-19. If you think about how often you wash your hands during a regular day, it will probably be a shockingly small number, so instigate a new hand-washing routine to maximise cleanliness. Also, be sure to buy plenty of antibacterial hand soap, so you can swap it out for all your regular soaps, in each bathroom and at every sink.

Staying safe in the face of a global pandemic has been tough but we will only succeed if we continue to heed the latest government advice while following personal safety guidelines and encouraging others to do the same. Restrictions might be lifting, but down let your guard down.

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