How to Keep the Holiday Season Vibrant and Pets Safe at Home

The most glorious celebrations include extravagant food and a wide spread of desserts. Unfortunately, they are made for a hungry human appetite and not for our four-legged companions. We need to be cautious when our friends from the pet world are around us in times of celebration. People often get so immersed in an event they completely forget about what their furry friends are up to in the meantime. Pet parents need to have their pets on the radar constantly so they can prevent any mischief or untoward incidents on a joyous day.

During the holiday season, there is a disruption in the daily routine. Some household members stay laidback as it’s a holiday. However, a few others responsibly set up a festive home to ring in celebrations with their family and friends. Through all this chaos, your pet friends may be left to sort themselves out. Precisely, this is why pet companions are susceptible to various potential holiday hazards. With the best pet insurance, you can stay assured about the medical coverage your pets receive if they accidentally get hurt or sick.

It is always worth it to have cheap pet insurance to support your pet’s health care, so you don’t have to worry in the face of a cash crunch in needy times. However, having a financial helping hand doesn’t mean you stay negligent towards your pets’ activities and wellbeing. Taking preventive care is always best rather than nursing awful sores later. We provide you with these brief tips to follow to protect your pet from holiday complications.

Display good judgment!

Pet parents’ recklessness is one of the potential reasons for a pet health emergency in the holiday season. Any leftover meals on the kitchen counter or discarded portions that have landed in the trash can may be a source of curiosity and surprise treats for your pet. Be it a canine or feline; they may soon have to make a trip to the emergency room if they feast on unsuitable food.

Dispose of Wraps!

Yes! We mean all kinds of wraps when we say wraps, starting from gift wraps to small shiny chocolate wraps. Now, we don’t want a pet at home falling sick due to gobbling a wrap scattered in the living room.


They are powerful enough to deplete the red blood cells of your pets, be it a dog or cat. If you don’t wish your furry friend to suffer from anemia, don’t offer them food containing onions. You may not notice the symptoms until two to four days of consumption by your paw friend. This vegetable causes respiratory distress, lethargy, and other gastro-intestinal troubles in your pet.

Raw dough!

The raw dough you use to make varieties of bread affects your pet pal adversely when ingested. Keep the rising dough in a place that is inaccessible to your pet. It may expand in your pet’s tummy and may need to be removed through surgery. Meet your vet immediately if such an incident occurs.

Avoid fried food items!

Munching on snacks fried in oil isn’t the way to go for your pet bonhomie. For the same reason, you shouldn’t feed your pet too many fatty treats. Instead, tell yourself your pet is delicate, and it can’t digest high-calorie food repeatedly.

After spending some good time with your pet, the best thing you can do is take your companion to their crate or comfortable bed placed in a secure area, away from the general mayhem. While you leave your pet to spend some time in solitude, you never know what dangers your pet pal may get into when nobody supervises.

The best pet insurance supports your pet at all times, so having a policy lets you provide them with appropriate and timely medical assistance in the event of accidents, sickness, or emergencies. Look for cheap pet insurance you can afford so your pet isn’t left unguarded during unfavourable moments.


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