How to increase your company’s followers on Instagram

Many tricks circulate on the internet to obtener seguidores rápidamente on social networks, in this case, we are going to focus on Instagram, or even buy them, but what nobody says is that these followers are not segmented and, therefore, it may be that they are not interested in your business so they will not add real value.

The important thing is quality, not quantity

There is no use having thousands of followers on Instagram if you don’t know who they are, where they come from or if they may be interested in your product or service. If your followers are not well segmented, it is likely that their interest in your company is null and they probably will not interact with you. Therefore, it is important to look for the right and quality followers.

Find a hashtag that is related to your sector of activity

To find your target audience, you can search for people by a hashtag that is related to your activity sector and follow them. This way you will know that they may have a real interest in your company.

Comment photos of other people

If you follow a person with similar interests and comment on a photo with a positive observation about the photo, it is quite likely that that person will follow you back. You must be careful not to mention yourself or your company in the comment.

Start by “liking” some photos

On the one hand, you can start by liking some of the photos of your friends, if they do not follow you, they will probably start to do so. On the other hand, another option you can try is to go to the “explore” option and take a look at popular photos because they tend to be from accounts that have a lot of followers. If you “like” any of those photos and follow some of those profiles, maybe one of them will follow you.

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Add comments or questions to your photos

Although Instagram is a network of images, we cannot forget the power of the word and it is advisable to add comments at the bottom of each photo, where you took it, what inspires you. Do not make very long sentences; a couple of lines are enough.

Be regular in your posts, but don’t overdo it

In any social network, it is advisable to have certain regularity in the publications. It’s not about creating a profile, posting 30 photos, and not posting again for months. Post at certain times and without exceeding the number of photos per day so as not to tire your followers and stop them following you.

Think about your followers and their habits

Every social network has a better time to post. In general, it is usually in the morning before entering work and in the afternoon at the time of departure. However, monitor your audience and discover their habits to publish in the hours of the day that you can have the greatest impact.

Increase followers

Once you have your sales profiles invite your friends to follow your personal profile, to put “I like” the Fan Page and thus they will become your first followers. To increase that number, go ahead and promote your Instagram or Facebook through other channels (Twitter, e-mail, What Sapp) and ask them to follow you. If you have a website, blog, or email signature, add a link to your site.

Increasing followers doesn’t always mean more sales. Creating value, mainly through the publication of qualified content, is the key to the growth of your potential customers. Make sure to plan in your publications, quality content based on the interests or affinities of your target audience.

Some tips to increase followers are:

Add the location so your post will have more views. You can also use geo-referenced photos to advertise your business, but I added in the credits the accounts that published the photo. Also, look for the #hashtags related to your content, and follow the profiles that publish on those topics.

I shared content from other accounts (always mentioning the other account) and associated with various startups and/or entrepreneurs. Another option is to communicate with influencers; the challenge is not how to find influencers, but to find that the collaboration is beneficial for both parties.

Enter other profiles of brands in the same sector and start following the people who liked their publications or directly those who follow those accounts. That does not mean that they are going to follow you, but that way you will make yourself known, and if they see that they are interested in your proposal, they may start to follow you. If you do this practice, you should regularly “clean” those people that you followed but did not follow you back (otherwise you will end up having, for example, 100 followers and 500 followed). There are applications that make this work simple, for example for Instagram is unfollowers for Android phones.

A strong image on social media is not established overnight. It is a job that requires effort and perseverance to meet those who follow you and what their interests are. It is a slow process at the beginning, but it is better to keep a positive outlook and focus on your first group of followers and the potential clients of your brand before going out in search of new “likes”.

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