How to Get More In-Store Visits in 2022

If you are looking to grow your business this year, you should focus on getting more potential customers through the door. Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, physical stores are still getting a decent amount of foot traffic, and many customers prefer to check out the products they need in person.  Here’s a guide that can help you increase in-store visits this 2022.

1. Use signage

You can never go wrong with a sandwich board. From cafes to bookstores, these simple advertising tools have helped small businesses get attention. You only need to come up with clever and creative messaging that can pull in your potential customers. Consider writing a quote or a humorous tagline. You can also come up with a chalk illustration of your best-selling products or simply list down your specials for the day.

2. Consider the season for your window displays

If your store has a window display, you might want to showcase products that reflect the current season. This works for boutique clothing stores or antique shops. For instance, during the winter, you might want to feature sweaters, jackets, or snow boots. Present these products in a way that captures the seasonal mood. For your winter window display for your fashion store, create a makeshift fireplace scene using mannequins with sweaters.

3. Bank on your social presence

If you want to increase your in-store visits, you need to invest more time on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. There are people who search these sites for new stores to visit, so double down on your social media marketing campaign by giving your followers frequent updates about your shop.

Post photos that highlight the ambiance and feature walk-in customers who would like to give a positive word about your establishment. In addition, you can start special promotions and advertise them online. Give out online discount vouchers or promo codes that will entice people into making in-store purchases.

4. Show how you value safety

Apart from requiring facemasks and social distancing, you will also need to disinfect your establishment every so often. You will also need to set up a hand washing or sanitizing station inside your store. Make sure to provide customers with contactless payment options, as well. Using a smart credit card scanner should entice visitors who are conscious about exposing themselves to health risks.

5. Take part in community events

Another way you can increase walk-in visits is by joining events that give you greater exposure outside of your community. Think of joining expos, trade show tips for exhibitors, and conferences where you can set up a booth and give people a look into your offers. You will be able to stir their curiosity and encourage them to visit your store.

Despite the increase in e-commerce transactions, nothing can replace the experience of visiting a physical store. Using these strategies will help you get more visitors through your door.

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