You are likely to be interested in extending the life expectancy for your wooden pallets if you have a warehouse. Wooden pallets can become very expensive to replace so it is worth saving money to make them last longer.

This also means you are less likely be injured or to suffer load damage. Although wooden pallets can last a lifetime depending on their quality, there are steps you can take to make sure your pallets last as long as possible.

These are some tips to prolong the life of wooden pallets.

Avoid Moisture

Avoiding moisture is an important step to prolong the life expectancy for wooden pallets.Wooden pallets can be quickly damaged by moisture, so it is important to avoid placing them in damp areas.

Even if the pallet appears fine, water damage can quickly cause mold growth, which can weaken the pallet, increasing the chance of it being damaged.

You should store your pallets inside if possible. Also, make sure there is no water pooling on the trailer where the pallets will be transported.

Choose the right kind of pallets

It is important to ensure that the pallet you choose for your product is appropriate. There are many options available so you don’t have to decide which one is right for you.

This means you’re less likely than ever to overload a pallet with too many (or too few) pounds, which makes them less likely to snap or crack.

Be aware of Forklift Damage

Wooden pallets need to be protected from being damaged by forklifts. This can be done by making sure all your drivers are properly trained to load pallets.

You can do this by making sure you don’t hit the pallets, slowing down when you lower the pallets, and making sure the forks are level.

Make Sure Your Pallets are Fully Protected

It is much easier to prolong the life of wooden pallets if each pallet is properly protected.Many products can increase the life expectancy and durability of wooden pallets. These include plastic shields that can attach to pallets to add an extra layer of protection.

You can also use many forklift attachments, such as energy-absorbing bumpers, to make pallet transport easier and safer. These attachments will make your pallets last as long as possible

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