How to Colorize a Black and White photo with Vance AI Photo Colorizer  

Photos record life. Thanks to technology, we are able to still keep old photos and the memories behind them. Today with AI, we can even bring new life to these vintage photos, as well as the good times behind them. Keep reading on to learn how an AI image colorizer works when it comes to restoring your old photos. 

How to Colorize a Black and White Photo with Vance AI Photo Colorizer

Vance AI Photo Colorizer is a powerful AI photo colorizer that allows you to turn black and white photos to color free. Follow the basic steps below to colorize photo online. 

Step 1: you may first head to the website of Vance AI Photo Colorizer by clicking this given link and click the Upload button to start

Step 2: then drop a black and white image there; hit Continue to go on

Step 3: click Download Image to save the colorized photo when the process is completed.

Black and white photos colorized by Vance AI

Now that we’ve known how to colorize images with Vance AI Photo Colorizer, let’s look at some black and white photos and their colorized version processed by this tool. 

The first example is an old photo of a family or maybe a group of friends with a wood cabinet as background. We can see that this image colorizer handled pretty well, the whole photo color looks natural, such as the color of the wood, people’s skin, and especially the different shades of brown on three persons’ hair.

And here is a pair of nature landscape photos. What strikes me is the blue sky and clouds in the second image, because the clouds here are like fuzzy fur. It is a tricky condition to handle, but this tool colorized them to every detail. Also the mountain and its shadow on the water face, their color seems very consistent.

Last but not the least, here is a photo of Audrey Hepburn. Clearly AI has added a very natural color on her skin and especially her eyes, making this picture looks so vivid. Vance AI Photo Colorizer has brought new life to this picture.

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Features of Vance AI Photo Colorizer

Vance AI Photo Colorizer is a web-based tool allowing you to colorize black and white photo in one click. The whole processing procedure is 100% automatic, you can just drop any old photo into the tool without redundant operations needed, and come back to the download page to save the final output. To colorize photo can be this easy! Deep learning technology is used in this photo colorizer system to add stunning colors to old photos. Besides, it is trained with millions of images to identify any elements in the images then add natural and consistent colors to them precisely. Since vintage photos are usually quite fragile and will become more damaged if exposed to the open air, thus to colorize them is a good way to keep them forever. 

Best Alternative to Vance AI Photo Colorizer:

Another great tool to colorize black and white photo for free is, which is the best Vance AI Photo Colorizer alternative. is also a cloud-based product, so you can access it conveniently with any mainstream browsers on whether computer or mobile devices. This image colorizer is powered by AI algorithm, so you may rest assured to let it handle any of your black and white photo, as it will deliver incredible results. Check a couple of examples below.

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Black and white photos always remind us of the old good times. While with photo colorizer like Vance AI Photo Colorizer and, we can even bring the old times and past memories back to new life by adding lifelike colors to them. It will be like magic and sweet time travel.

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