Learning to play an instrument comes with many benefits: it helps you healthily alleviate stress while letting you feel proud of yourself when you notice your progress. In addition, it equips you with the skills to exercise your creative freedom by creating songs of your own and allows you to connect with more people over your shared passion for music. There’s no question you should go through with your decision of learning a new instrument like keyboard and piano – but which one should you choose to learn? We have got you covered there! Read on to know a few aspects to think about before you make your pick.

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Your motivation to learn to play the instrument 

Unsurprisingly, this is one of the main things you should consider since it can determine whether you go on to pursue an expert skill level in playing the instrument or give up in your first week. Motivation can come in many forms; for instance, are you excited when you imagine yourself making the crowd go crazy with your legendary drumming skills? Likewise, if envisioning yourself on stage playing a certain instrument makes you itch to grab it and start playing right away, you are highly likely to stay motivated to master playing it.

Or maybe you want to equip yourself with the basic skills before tackling an instrument that demands a skill level higher than what a beginner possesses. For example, you might be very interested in composing your music, and there are many kinds of keyboard professionals use to help them do this easily. But of course, before you can move on to using those keyboards, you may want to become proficient in playing a home keyboard first.

And possibly the most important question to ask yourself: are you choosing to play an instrument because you want to play it? Remember, if you decide to play an instrument a friend or family member insists is a great choice when you are personally not convinced, you will likely run out of motivation to continue learning it.

The sound

This ties in closely with the motivation to learn an instrument, but we think this is important enough to merit its section: do you like the instrument’s sound? It also helps to think about what genre of music you enjoy listening to; you will probably be more motivated to learn to play the music you enjoy listening to over other kinds. For instance, some who like classical music might want to try their hand at playing the violin while, if you are a jazz fan, a saxophone might be more your style. There’s certainly a varied music scene here in New Zealand, so perhaps your music tastes might even lead you to learn to play an instrument used in Māori music!


As dull as it may seem, it is important to consider the practical aspects of learning to play an instrument. For example, is it the right size for you? It might be physically difficult to hold some instruments, let alone play. Also, keep in mind that medical conditions might make it difficult for people to play some instruments.

Is it convenient for you to move around? Do you have the space to store it at home? Is it affordable to buy and maintain? What about lesson costs and the availability of instructors where you live? All these are questions worth thinking about.

That’s all we have for you! So now you are all set to make your perfect pick and start your musical journey!

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