How to choose a wall shelf? Our complete guide 

Often used as a simple storage element, the wall shelf reinvents itself and takes on several shapes and appearances to become a real decorative object and a full-fledged element of your interior. But which style to choose, how to fix it and use it? We give you all the keys to choosing the ideal wall storage for your interior. 

Which wall shelf to choose?

The choice of a wall shelf is not random. While style and color are important, dimensions are even more so depending on what you want to place on your wall storage. The size of your shelf will not be the same if you want to use it as a bookcase or simply to place a few decorative objects. For a wall shelf, as simple decorative storage, few constraints are present for the choice of the shelf.

On the other hand, if you want to create a library with multiple wall shelves, you should consider the length, width, and space between each shelf to optimize the space and accommodate your entire collection. Books about them.

The dimensions:

So, lets start with the length of the leave if you want to adjust the hexagonal shelves on top of each other to make your bookcase. First, note that the size of a book usually varies between 18 cm on paper, 21-25 cm for a novel, and 32 cm for comics. So, if your library is made up of small books, you can leave a space of 25 cm between each shelf. However, the higher the books and materials, the greater the space between individual support.

Then, for the shelf width, the volume of the book should also be calculated. Generally, between 11 and 16 cm of paper or novel type books, it can rise up to 20 cm in width for large books (comics for example). Therefore, somewhere between the edge of the shelf and the book, choose a board slightly lower than the width of the book (3 or 4 cm more will suffice).

Finally, the length of the shelf depends on the number of books (if it is a library) that you want to place. For example, the thickness of a 350-400 page thickness usually varies between 3 and 4 cm (depending on the thickness of the cover). Thus, on a shelf 80 cm long, you can place about 20 books.

Small tip: Do not overload your shelf but space the books a little and add some decorative elements to hold the books while slightly airing your library. 

Materials: choice of wood and steel.

After having considered and taken the necessary dimensions for your wall shelves, comes the moment of the choice of materials. Steel, wood, a mix of both? Zoom on these two trendy and resistant materials which, used alone or in a duo, bring an authentic and industrial charm to your interior. What material will you choose?

Wood: a durable but living material

We can never tell you enough, that wood is an essential material in interior (or exterior) design. Used in the manufacture of tables, worktops, or other large furniture, wood is also used for less imposing furnishing elements such as wall shelves (or not). Its popularity is given by the charm, the authenticity, and the warm aspect that it brings to a room but also by its solidity and its variety of colors (mainly due to the variety of existing wood species). 

However, although wood is a very common material in the manufacture of furniture, it is still a living material that will evolve and undergo transformations (bending) over time depending on the environment in which it evolves. (humidity, high heat, etc.). To limit these risks, regular protection (varnish, treatment oil) is necessary. Nevertheless, the best option is to limit too much exposure of your wooden furniture to humidity or high heat.

For example, do you need a wall shelf in your bathroom to accommodate your beauty products? We advise you to choose a wood shelf if your room is well ventilated and if your wooden board is maintained at all times. If your bathroom is too wet, opt for other items such as a powder with a powder-coated finish (guaranteeing anti-corrosion treatment protects your wall shelf).

For some rooms such as a kitchen, bedroom, office, or living room, a wooden shelf is perfect. Even if you leave it raw to finish the extra addition or paint it to look elegant, it will happen inside you to allow you to tidy up the room decorate it, and dress the walls. And with the first few touches, choose wall protection combining the beauty of solid wood and the industrial side of the metal support to the bi-material shelf.

Without digging: good advice for your lamp wall shelves.

You do not want to paint your walls or you want to fix the shelves on the walls of your bathroom but do not want to make holes in the tiles? Choose the installation method without digging.

It works best if you do not want to use a drill, however it is recommended for light wall shelves from the time of installation, it will be useful not only considering the weight of the support (itself) but also for books, trinkets and. Some decorative items will be on the shelf.

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