How to burn incense without a holder:

Incense comes in both inflammable and flammable ones which are easily lightened up or fired by the holder, but to burn the incense without a holder is intriguing to be discussed. As Incense burners are well-thought-out by people of religion and are adapted by many cultures.

The presence of pleasing fragrance is considered excellent for the mediations, mental health, insomnia, depression issues, physical wellbeing, and many more. The utilization of incense fragrances is now also employed in many restaurants, offices, and other public places. However, using too much of everything is bad and the same goes with the incense burners as it may irritate the lungs.

Most people reason that incense can only be burned in some ceramic, wooden, and metallic holders. This can be upgraded as many other ways are adapted to burn incense without a holder.

Soda cans:

The can of the soda which you have just drink can be converted into the incense holder. Incense sticks can be placed in the container of the soda can and can be very differently reused in the form of the holder. To do this the top of the container needs to be removed. You can also craft some unique drawings in the can also to make it appealing.

Plant pots:

As a quick hack plant pots can also be utilized as the incense holder. The wet soil can hold the sticks of incense and make it work just fine. It is not recommended inconsistent utilization as it may burn the plant and may cause a fire.


The vas can be filled with sand or salt and used as a porous surface to hold the incense sticks. This technique is commonly utilized in Buddhist temples. This is the most convenient way as it mixes all the ash with salt or other matters.

Holding incense by hands:

The end of the incense sticks is not burnable and is usually wrapped with plastic or some non-inflammatory material. This makes it perfectly fine to hold the incense in your hands. To do so camber the incense so that the ashes don’t fall in your hands, clothes or feet. By doing this make be careful or you might slightly burn.

Heavy pots:

To hang the incense in the air, a soda can may not work just fine because of its low weight. However, holding heavy objects like soil bots or marble pots of indoor plants can be utilized to hold the incense.

Kitchen sink:

You can utilize the sink of your kitchen as an incense burner holder. Putting the incense sticks in the sink reduces the hustle and falling ash problem of incense sticks. To use the sink make sure that the stick’s burning portion doesn’t stay on the sink or it may leave the burning spot.

This is how to burn the incense without the holder; these are some basic and common hacks that can be utilized as amazing, inexpensive, and quick holders for incense burning.


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