How to Build a Collapsible Fire Pit with CNC Machine

A fire pit is definitely a great addition to your backyard. There are different types of fire pits that you can either construct, or purchase from your local handyman. In case you want to build your own collapsible fire pit using CNC machining, you might want to check out these DXF files for inspiration on the design of your plasma cutter fire pit.

A collapsible fire pit adds to the portability and flexibility of a standard fire pit. It makes it easier for you to move it around your backyard, and even out of your home if there’s any need for it.

Why a Plasma Cutter Fire Pit?

Well, you might ask yourself what the need for a plasma cutter fire pit is in the first place. And we don’t even need to tell you that it’s important. You can see this for yourself after the reasons that we will show you here.

For starters, people are constantly spending more time at home these days. And this is why fire pits have become a new trend in most homes. Go to any home backyard these days and you’re most likely going to find a fire pit. They are just a great addition to have. And bear in mind that you can have them warming up your evenings and nights when chilling with friends and family.

There’s that calming effect that’s brought about by watching flames rise and fall as you unwind and relax in your backyard. Research conducted on this subject even goes ahead to show that there’s a considerable decrease in blood pressure when watching a fire or flame. It is a free therapy that you can gift yourself after a long day at work. And it is also a great time to have with your loved ones and bond with them over some drinks or meals. Just imagine toasting marshmallows when seated next to the fire pit.

You can get numerous metal fire pit designs that you can use to make a collapsible fire pit using CNC machining. And DXFforCNC is a great place to get all of the designs that you’ll need for such a project and even more. There are different shapes and sizes that you can explore.

The Importance of Having a Collapsible Fire Pit

Are you an avid camper or traveler? Do you want to stay warm while on the road? Well, a collapsible plasma cutter fire pit is the answer to your problem. It can fold easily for you to pack it in the boot of your car or the trunk of your truck. They are the perfect equipment you have been missing from your camping gear.

Camping is a pretty rewarding event that you can take on with family and friends. But those cold outdoor nights are just too frightening and disheartening for many. You don’t have to feel this cold, thanks to the addition of a collapsible fire pit. Why not make your camping nights as playful and interesting as you can? After all, you went camping to have the time of your life, didn’t you? Now you can toast marshmallows and drink some beers or soft drinks right by your pit. And when you’re done, you don’t have to worry about carrying the fire pit, as you can simply fold it and place it back in your car’s boot for the next trip.  

A CNC machine can help you save hours of your time that you would have rather used building a fire pit. It does the project for you quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a fire pit to admire. It’s not just about the purpose of the fire pit, which is to keep you warm. It is also about the appearance and aesthetics, which a CNC machine will ensure is superb.

Anyone who enjoys the simplicity of having to carry around things will enjoy a collapsible plasma cutter fire pit design. Take advantage of the numerous DXF file designs to use for your CNC machining process.

Handy Tips When Using a Fire Pit

As you now start to enjoy your collapsible plasma cutter fire pit, there are two main things that you need to note.

How to Avoid Smoke

Smoke from a fire pit is somewhat annoying and very choking, especially when it’s coming directly at you. It is normally a result of wet wood burning. The solution is to avoid using wet wood and opt for drier ones. There are also some specific types of wood that you can use, which don’t have a lot of sap that could accelerate smoke.

How to Extinguish Fire

After you’re done using the fire pit, the best way to put out the fire is to let it die out by itself. Another option if you want to put it out right away is to use sand. You can repeat this process until you see that the fire is now cool. But don’t leave the fire unattended until you’re sure it’s out. Note that pouring water may sound like a good shortcut to putting out the fire, but it isn’t. On the contrary, it actually damages your fire pit.

Final Thoughts

CNC machining can help you in the creation of a decent collapsible plasma cutter fire pit. Try it today using DXF file designs of your choice. 

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